Why is it difficult to work with Americans?

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When I was employed in a training company, I worked for a French director. We were 2 Americans, 3 English and an Australian under his management. Let’s say that the expectations of the Anglo-Saxon team in terms of management didn’t really correspond to the reality of the situation. The cultural differences and misunderstandings finally created a very difficult situation. This company no longer exists today.

Of course, we can’t generalize this experience to all managers in France. Since then, I have also worked with many French professionals who are real professional partners, wonderful people and open minded (like you).

But if you work with Americans, knowing their culture will help you avoid misunderstandings, work better together and make your collaboration easier.

And that’s the subject of today’s video: Why it’s hard to work with Americans (… apart from the fact that they speak as if they had a potato in their mouth …)

Why It's Hard to Work with Americans

Of course, it is not to tell you that you have to adapt to OUR way of working! It’s just to help you understand why your American colleague seems to be doing a bit like he’s craving for your projects.


What is the most difficult aspect of working with Americans for you?

Share your story in the comments below. Or ask your questions about working with Americans. It’s a great opportunity to practice your English!

I promise you, you won’t offend me. It’s just a question of cultural difference 🙂

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Thanks a lot!

Have a great week in English,



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