A special 2020 message + what’s next at Speak English with Christina

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  1. Thanks for your support during 2020

  2. 2020: A year of growing & adapting

  3. Some good things that came from it all

  4. Let’s start 2021 on a positive note, together!

As 2020 comes to a close, I want to express my thanks to you and share some news too!

1. Thanks for your support during 2020

We survived 2020!! Woohoo!

I don’t know about you, but this year was probably the craziest I have ever experienced.

It was scary. It was uncertain. I had to cancel or change a lot of plans, both in my personal and professional life.

But all during 2020, I never felt alone.

I always felt supported by the team of teachers at Speak English with Christina, by friends & family, and by the members of our community.

So for my final video of 2020, I want to thank you for being a part of our community!

(Marija, my video editor will take a break to be with family next week! That’s so important! And I’m working on creating something new for you… details below!)

Thank you for following some of my crazy ideas, my video lessons, and maybe even some of my programs, clubs, & online courses.

I can’t wait to continue with you in 2021, and make it a GOOD year for all of us!

2. 2020: A year of growing & adapting

2020 started as a normal year, but then, things quickly became crazy.

In March, we had planned to create a new program, Speak Business English Confidently. But Covid happened!

So all of the work we did: creating videos to promote the program, writing emails to help you understand the program, preparing everything to welcome new students… well, we had to abandon it all.

It didn’t feel right to start a big program when the world was scared, and everyone was at home, trying to understand what was happening.

So instead, we organized a month of free community events, to give you a way to have fun in English, think about something NOT related to the pandemic, and connect with others around the world for support.

After all, it’s perhaps the first time ever that the entire world experiences the same thing at the same time.

3. Some good things that came from it all

I won’t say that I’m glad this happened. But I am glad that our community came together and we got to know each other better.

We saw that we could adapt and do new things.

We saw that learning online, across borders, can be a great experience, beyond “just” learning English.

The members of our Faster Fluency Conversation Club are really enjoying getting to know each other, and supporting each other. To describe the other members, they’re using expressions like “English buddies” and “my FFCC family”, and it warms my heart.

And we created new programs, like our virtual immersion Business English Mastery. After all, no one can travel for an immersion in the USA right now, so we created the next best thing.

And despite the pandemic, we had more students than ever enroll in the program!

I was moved to see so many of you sign up, connect with each other, and use the time to become more confident in English. Thank you for your dedication.

And now, I’m excited about making the new year a great one for all of us here at Speak English with Christina!

4. Let’s start 2021 on a positive note, together!

To start 2021 on a positive note, I’d like to personally invite you to join us for the 30-Day Phrasal Verb Challenge (I talk about it in the video).
One thing I learned during 2020: Together, we’re stronger.

We have the power to support each other, to lift each other up,* and to make learning English a fun adventure.

We can grow together, and become better people by learning together.

And that’s why our first program of 2021 will be a BIG community program, for people in all countries!

If you want to participate, you’ll find details here: https://christinarebuffetcourses.com/30-day-phrasal-verb-challenge-join-now

I would love for you to join me + 1000 other participants. That’s my crazy dream!

But hey, it’s been a crazy year, and I think our community can do it.

Wishing you all the best,


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