3 Erreurs Fréquentes En Anglais Commises TRÈS Souvent Par Les Français

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erreurs en anglais

Do I need to use sinceor for?

I know not to use propose, but what can I say instead?

Do I need present continuous or present perfect continuous tense here?

If you sometimes have doubts about your grammar structures, theres a good chance (il y a de fortes chances) that youve asked yourself these questions at some point (à un moment ou un autre).

While its important to just be able to communicate the message in English, we also want to use correct structures and avoid common mistakes in English (erreurs fréquentes en anglais). At the same time, we dont want to hesitate too much while thinking about how to formulate them.

We want it to be automatic.

Do you feel like you make basic mistakes in English?

Even when I speak French sometimes, I still ask myself little questions (je me pose toujours des petites questions) like this. Should I say Je tai ditor Je tavais dit? Its frustrating because I feel that with my level of French, I shouldnt be making these mistakes. I need a micro-correction for some basics, to correct them once and for all (une bonne fois pour toute).

If you feel like you make basic mistakes in English (erreurs fréquentes en anglais), even though your level is pretty good, todays SBFG TV episode is for you.

Youll get some laser-focused corrections (des corrections hyper-pointues) of some VERY common structures in English. Structures that Im sure you use often.

3 Erreurs Que Les Français Commettent TRÈS Souvent En Anglais

Once youve watched this episode, let me know your answer to this question:

What other structures in English do you have questions about?

Ask your questions in the comments section. Someone in the SBFG Community will surely be able to help you. Remember there are no stupid questions. After 11 years of living in France, I still have to ask if structure, magazine, and bâtimentare masculine or feminine!

Remember that thousands of French professionals visit this site to learn, explore and reach their career goals. Your contribution may be exactly what someone else needs to make their English a little more perfect.

If you found this episode helpful, please pass this along to your closest colleagues, clients and friends anyone you think could use some support as they boost their English and their career.

Thanks so much for making this one of the most supportive places for French professionals improving their English.

Have a fantastic week in English,



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