5 Abbreviations You Need To Know

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You have already heard your American colleagues use a strange language, like this :

“Just FYI, tomorrow’s meeting starts at 7am, so don’t be late.”

“I think their customer service department has gone AWOL. Nobody’s answering.”

“That’s a bunch of B.S. I’m not working overtime during the holidays!”

And all you can do is ask yourself “WTF * is he talking about?” (* Look for it on Google. I can`t write it here … my mother reads it! And she surely already looked for this sentence in Google Translate …)

Good news! This week, you will learn 5 essential abbreviations in English to understand Americans when they talk to each other. You know, when they forget that not everyone speaks English perfectly.

In addition, this episode is posted here thanks to a very remarkable blogger called Laëtitia.

Why is she remarkable? First of all, her blog is very well written and a pleasure to read.

She offers tickets such as  “5 tings to know before you become an expatriate,” “5 things to know when you’re pregnant in the USA” et “The day they thought I was a terrorist.”

You guessed it, she is a French woman (from Grenoble !) who lives in the USA

She agreed that I adapt a few expressions of her article “Les 50 abréviations américaines les plus utilisées”.

I couldn’t do the 50, because the episode would last for hours! If you like this episode, tell me and I’m sure Laëtitia will let me get inspired again by her article (come on, please, Laëtitia 🙂

And I love the name of her blog: French Fries And Apple Pie

For a little armchair traveling, and an imaginary travel to the United States, I invite you to take a tour on her blog! Then come back for The SBFG Episode of this week.

FYI, AKA et autres abréviations américaines à connaître absolument

Now, we’d love to hear from you!

Do you know other abbreviations in English? Share them in the comments below. I know you know some 🙂

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I’d really, really appreciate it!

Have a fantastic week in English,


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