7 ways to transform your “school English” into real-world Business English.

Expressions for Advanced Business English

Do you ever hear yourself speaking English and worry that the way you speak English is:

    • A little too formal,
    • A bit unnatural
    • Or just not the way English speakers would say things?

A lot of people who use English every day in the ‘real world’ feel this way.
If this is how you feel in your English conversations, you might still be speaking ‘school English.’

Are you ready to upgrade your English so that you can start using real-world business English?

Today, you’re going to learn 7 real-world expressions.
These are 7 quick and efficient ways to make a big difference in the way you speak English. And the way you feel when you do.

Add these to your business conversations.
You’ll get an instant boost to your confidence when you use English at work, and start going from intermediate to advanced!

Ready to start feeling more confident in just a few minutes?
Read on.

This is part 3 of my Get off the intermediate plateau, with Virtual Immersion challenge!
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1. How to go from school English to Real-World Business English: # 1 Start with virtual immersion.
2. How to go from school English to Real-World Business English: #2 Make small 1% changes.
3.  How to go from school English to Real-World Business English: #3 Start today with these 7 real-world phrases.

1. How to go from school English to Real-World Business English:
#1 Start with virtual immersion.

Last time, we talked about how to use virtual immersion to get off the intermediate plateau and speak more advanced English more naturally, more confidently.

How does virtual immersion work?
When you immerse yourself in English, you practice English in a fast and effective way every day.  And it helps your brain switch to English step by step.

I know how effective it is in helping you move from school English to real-world Business English.  That’s why I help my clients immerse themselves in my Business English Mastery Virtual Immersion program.

And I want to show you how you can start creating your own virtual immersion plan too.
That way, you can see your progress. And start feeling excited about it.

With virtual immersion you’re really living a lot of your life in English each day.
You start to think in English and you stop translating in your head.

What happens when you really immerse yourself virtually or physically?

You can improve more in 3 months than, say, in one year of traditional lessons!
That’s what students in my Virtual Immersion program say!

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2. How to go from school English to Real-World Business English:
#2 Make small 1% changes.

Do you want to have a successful virtual immersion?
Create small, daily English routines.
These are small but consistent steps that you take every day.
At first the changes seem small.  But over time they really add up.

The key is to imagine that you are making 1% changes.
They are easy. You can do them today.
And you keep doing them each day.

What’s the result?
You sound more natural and more advanced.
You feel more comfortable and more confident.
You’ll feel like you’re speaking real-world Business English.

Also check out my lesson: Create Your Virtual Immersion Daily Routine [+Sample Plan]

3. How to go from school English to Real-World Business English:
#3 Start today–learn these 7 real-world phrases.

Are you ready to try it?
I mean, it’s not a virtual immersion if you don’t actually take the step.
Let’s change something quick and easy that will have a big impact on your Business English and your confidence.

Here are 7 tiny changes you can make in your Business English today. Right now!

I’m going to show you 7 phrases that most intermediate learners would say.
They are perfectly correct phrases. But you will feel like you’re using school English when you use them.

So I’ll also show you what you can say instead to sound more advanced.

Real-world business situation #1: Planning an appointment.

Less advanced:  “Can we meet to discuss it?”
More advanced and natural:  “Can we find a time to get together and talk about it?”

Less advanced:  “Give me an update when you have more information.”
More advanced and natural: “Keep me posted.”

Real-world business situation #2: At a restaurant with a business contact.

Less advanced:  “I’ll pay for this. It’s for me!”
More advanced and natural: “Let me get this.  It’s my treat!”

Less advanced:  “Can I ask you for some ideas?”
More advanced and natural: “Can I pick your brain?”

Real-world business situation #3: In a business email.

Less advanced:  “I wait for your response.”
More advanced and natural: “I look forward to hearing from you.”

Real-world business situation #4: On the phone.

Less advanced:  “Please wait.  I’ll find the information.”
More advanced and natural: “Can you hold on one sec? I’ll find out.”

Real-world business situation #5: Opening a meeting.

Less advanced:  “Thank you for your presence at the meeting today.”
More advanced and natural: “Thanks everybody for being here today.”

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Make a small improvement today that will have a big impact on your Business English.

If you feel like you’re speaking School English and you want to speak Real-Life Business English:

  • You’re not alone and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. A lot of smart and efficient people are in the same situation.
  • You can do something about it. Right now in 10 minutes.

You are not in school anymore. You are the expert.
You decide what kind of English you want to speak.

Choose which Real-life Business English expressions you could start using.
Then take a pen and paper and write them down.

And you can start using them today.
I want you to see how much more confident you feel when your English matches your real life.

Take the next step: Improve your English in the comments

The best way to become more confident using Business English is to practice!

Here’s your weekly challenge for this week:

  1. Choose one of the Real-Life Business English expressions on this page that you think you could use.
  2. In the comments tell us about the expression you chose and where you might use it.

If you learned something from this lesson, please share it with your coworkers & friends. You can send your message to them in English for more practice!

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