“Real English is different from school English”

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understand spoken English

“Real English is different from school English” …

It’s one of the most important realizations you need, to start your journey* towards understanding real spoken English.

— The Extra Mile: Vocabulary —
(Look for the words with a “ * ” ):

To start your journey = A metaphor that means “to begin the process of learning something”
There comes a time = You always arrive at a moment where something happens
You get what they’re talking about = You understand the topic
To get tired = To become tired

There comes a time* in every learner’s life where they realize there is a gap between English lessons and real-world English.

Fast-talking Americans.
Movies without subtitles.
Conferences and professional training programs led by native speakers.

You can understand when your teacher speaks. You can follow English teachers on YouTube. You get what they’re talking about* in podcasts for learning English.

But then, when you try to follow a “real” conversation with Americans, you feel lost.

I assure you, you’re not alone!

When you get tired* of not understanding, you make a decision to change things. Yes, it is possible, but it takes more than just watching movies in English.

Today, I want to take you with me on a step-by-step journey, towards clear understanding.

But it’s not my journey.

It’s the journey of a small group of students, just like you, who learned to open their ears to real American English, understand better, and feel a lot more confident about their future in English.

What about you?
When you have goals, it’s reassuring to see that other people are also working towards their goals, and that they too sometimes face difficulties.

So comment below and share your story with us: Why do YOU want to understand English better? What opportunities or possibilities will this give you?

See you over there,

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