American Summer Fun 2: Tricky aspects of English

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American Summer Fun 2: Tricky aspects of English

Now that you’ve brushed up on your pronunciation, it’s time to tackle 4 tricky aspects of English. These are those little details of English that make a big difference.

Phrasal verbs, past tenses, infinitive or -ing, and strange pronouns… We’re going to revise these aspects of English so you can sound more natural, and use the same expressions that we native speakers (and advanced learners) use.

Let’s go!

1. “They” as a Singular Pronoun

Big news here, something surprising. In English… “they” is a singular pronoun. Yep. You can use “they” as both a plural and a singular pronoun. Whaaaat? I know, it’s strange. Even illogical. But we say this all the time in English. Here’s how you can too!

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"They" Is A Singular Pronoun In English! - English Grammar Lessons


2. English Grammar: Infinitive or -ing?

This one was inspired by Speak English Ambassador Sandrine, who said “This grammar point makes us crazy! Please help!”  Maybe you think that there is no logic here. It is English, after all… Fortunately, this grammar point is easier than it seems.

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Infinitive or -ing ? - English grammar


3 Past Tenses for Telling Stories

Have you ever started telling a story to a friend and you have difficulties with the tenses? Especially the past tenses in English? You’ve been speaking English for 10 years, but you’re still confused with the past tenses in English. Don’t worry, that’s what you’ll learn in this lesson.

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3 past tenses in English - English grammar and tenses


 4 Phrasal Verbs with “Up”

We Americans use a LOT of phrasal verbs in English. Today, you’ll learn 4 everyday phrasal verbs with up. Phrasal verbs separate advanced English learners from lower level learners. And if you speak with native speakers, you need to understand phrasal verbs, or I can guarantee, you’ll miss things in the conversation.

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4 English phrasal verbs with "up" - Learn English grammar & vocabulary

Now, it’s up to you to try to make these improvements to your English! You can do it!

My best tip to improve your grammar? Give yourself a challenge, and focus on one aspect at a time. Don’t try to do it all at the same time. Maybe one week, you make a special effort to use the phrasal verbs with “up.” The next week, look for opportunities to tell stories so you can practice past tenses.

Take it slowly and make one change at a time, little by little.

Next week, we’re going to take a virtual trip to the US, with lots of insights into American customs & culture. This way, you’ll really understand your American friends, colleagues, or fellow tourists.
See you next week,


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