“I missed a job promotion because of my English”

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Bad English

Often, I hear students who feel stuck.
They feel like they’re facing a giant wall in their career.

As if they were running a marathon with heavy weights on their shoulders – while everybody else runs quickly, almost like they’re flying.

Is it because these students are bad at their job? No!
Do they lack competence, experience, and skills? No!

What’s holding them back (=blocking them from advancing): Their insufficient level of English.

They can read documents in English. They can  answer emails fine. They can communicate in English, but still:

– They’re not as confident in English as in their own language.
– They’re not as confident in English as their boss.
– They’re not as confident in English as their colleagues.

That’s why it’s hard for them!

They worked so hard, learned so much, spent so much time at their job… And this is all destroyed by one problem: their level and confidence in English!

Have you ever felt the same way? Something like:

  • “My poor English prevented me from working on the project I wanted.” 
  • “My English level makes me sound less competent than I really am!” 
  • “I didn’t get the dream job I wanted – I needed to convince our international clients, and I couldn’t do it in English.”  
  • “My level of English killed my promotion.” 

It’s not your fault. But you can change. You can win against the others, and feel good about your accomplishments!

This week I recorded an interview with Cara, one of my amazing Expert English Teachers for professionals. We made it for you. It’s an exclusive video, never seen before, that I give you today.

We talk about how English can hold you back (even if you don’t realize it!), and the strategy you can take starting now, to eliminate this problem.

Click here to watch “My interview with Cara: Can you save your career from your bad English?”   

Is it the case for you ?

Tell me by hitting Reply to this email.

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The extra mile : English vocabulary

  • Holding someone back = Keeping someone behind, preventing them from improving
  • Prevent someone from [doing something] = Not letting someone [do something].
  • Keeping someone from [doing something] = Not letting someone [do something]; the same as “prevent someone from doing something”, but more colloquial

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Have a good day,

Click here to watch the exclusive interview with Cara, where we talk about the things that might hold you back, and the hurtful mindsets a student can have, before they get better.

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