Build your influence in the US market with the TITAN method

Build your influence in the US market

Build your influence in the US market

Today, I’m going to show you a 5-step process that I’m working on, to help European entrepreneurs rise up and stand out in your industry on the U.S. market. 

As an entrepreneur or founder, being able to do this makes you more visible, and that opportunities come to you. You can pitch your ideas to bigger audiences, and stand out in your industry. 

If you understand how to do this, the benefits can be great: increased credibility (even if you’re “an outsider”), stronger business relationships, and accelerated growth. 

In the U.S., standing out is essential due to the sheer scale and diversity of the industry landscapes.

Unfortunately, many European entrepreneurs hesitate to step into this role, to make their voice heard.

Why many are afraid, from what I’ve observed: 

  • Reason #1: They think that “storytelling” and “personal branding” are for Instagram influencers, not serious tech founders (for example)
  • Reason #2: They’re not sure how to express strong, opinionated positions that resonate with Americans. What’s appropriate, or not? 
  • Reason #3: Fear of rejection, criticism, or being ignored. I think they’re afraid to put themselves out there, in a market where they don’t master the language and culture.  
  • Reason #4: They don’t see how “influence” translates to tangible business results. 

Here’s the method I’m building to help you with this 

I came up with the acronym TITAN, because the goal is to make you a titan in your industry, in the US market! (Clever, right? 😉

Here’s what each step could look like: 

  1. T: Tailor your American persona – You probably already know your persona (or ideal client profile, or customer avatar) for your home market. We’re going to tailor your approach to resonate specifically with your target American client.

  2. I: Influence with your pitch  – When I say “pitch”, I don’t necessarily mean a 10-minute monologue with a slide deck. Here, “pitch” is all of the ways that you talk about what you do, from a 30-second response to “What do you do?” to how you talk about your work on social media, to how you present your offers to clients.

  3. T: Transmit your message – If you want to be known as a top person in your industry, you have to be prolific. Writing articles, blog posts, podcasts, videos, interviews, etc. We want to distribute your content and your message widely across multiple channels, so that people come to know, like, and trust you.

  4. A: Amplify your authority – I like to say “You are who Google says you are.” When I google your name, what will I learn about you? We want to make sure that the content people find about you positions you as a leader in your niche.

  5. N: Network to build partnerships –  Once all of that is in place, it’ll become easier for you to build strategic partnerships, and alliances. By building your network you increase your opportunities. And since all the other steps are done, it’ll become much easier to do this. Heck, people will probably even come to you first because they want to know and work with this industry leader named ____! 

By following these steps, you set yourself up not just for visibility but for meaningful influence that resonates with audiences both in Europe and the U.S.

As you can imagine, this is not a fast process. Becoming an authority takes time.

The good news is that you don’t have to be in the U.S. to carry it out. 

With time, the rewards will be awesome when people start coming to you, and wanting to pay higher prices to work with you, the leader in your industry. 

If you’d like to test out the 1st steps, contact me! I’m going to be trialing it as I build it. 

That’s the main lesson for this week! 

New & Announcements

I’ll come up with a sexier name for this section at some point…

But I want to start sharing news & announcements with you in the 2nd part of the blog, so you can know what’s going on at American Market Alchemist & Business English with Christina! 

  • My 1st long-form video interview is out, and I’m pretty excited about it! I’m in the hot seat, talking about my personal journey and tips on doing business in the US (especially if you’re a French entrepreneur)
  • MS to GrenobleIf you didn’t know it, I also publish a weekly episode of The American Market Alchemist Podcast. There are already several solo episodes, plus: 
  • We recently made the decision to stop continuous enrollments to our popular English Conversation Club, so we can better onboard new members.

    If finding your tribe, networking and having fun while increasing your English fluency appeals to you, why not become a member when we open enrollments again?  It’s just 29€ to start. You can get on the waitlist here, so you don’t miss the enrollment period later this month.

  • I’m still looking for a few more Europe-based entrepreneurs, startups, and companies to  contribute to my 2024 Selling to U.S. Clients report.

    In exchange, you’ll get a free copy of the report, with all the tips, insights, & comparative data you need to succeed with American clients.

    I wanted to publish this late April, but I still need at least 10 people to complete the questionnaire for the data to be significant. Can I count on you to help me FNAME? 

After you join the list, you’ll be invited to answer a short 5-minute questionnaire to help me out. Totally anonymous. Thanks.

That’s all for this week! 

See you next Thursday,

If you want to trial the 1st 1-2 steps of my TITAN method, DM me on LinkedIn or respond to this email, and we’ll talk about it.

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