How to motivate your international team–in English. [+Worksheet]

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If you know what it’s like to lead a team, you’re probably interested in keeping them motivated.

And if you’re on a team…you’d probably love your leader to create the perfect environment for you to be happy and productive.

Today you’ll learn to talk about motivating your team–in English.

Why should you be able to talk about what keeps a team motivated in English?

A motivated team means getting things done.
It means accomplishing your goals.

And with an unmotivated team…well nothing works!  

In today’s video, I even shared a clip from a silly American comedy, Office Space–about the place you don’t want to work!  

The film is funny because we all know what it’s like to work for an unmotivating team.   

So we also know how valuable it is to work for a team that is inspired and inspiring. 
And if I know something about you, I know this:

You’re the kind of person who wants to help create an environment where amazing work happens.  

Let me help you make sure you know how to create that kind of Environment–in English. 

Today, I’ll share a few rules (and great Business English expressions) for keeping a team motivated.  I collected these for you from articles in business publications like and the Harvard Business Review. As you read on this inspiring topic, you’ll naturally learn plenty of great Business English expressions. It’s a chance to immerse yourself in Business English.

And if you want to test yourself on the expressions in this blog post so you can use them to express your opinion and lead your team–or just ask for the kind of working environment where YOU can thrive…

Get the worksheet to test what you learn in this lesson!

Did you know that I’ve made a worksheet to go with this lesson so that you can practice everything you see here today? I want you to make this part of the English you actually use in real life!

GET THE WORKSHEET: Make sure you practice these expressions so you can use them in real life with this worksheet made for you by a Neurolanguage coach.


1. Motivate your team #1: Pay your people what they are worth!
2. Motivate your team #2: Make sure your team is…happy!
3. Motivate your team #3: Make sure people know they’re making a difference.

1. Motivate your team #1: Pay your people what they are worth!

Have you ever heard the expression to pay someone what they’re worth? 

It means that a person is paid for the value they provide to your company. For their expertise, for their skill…

Have you ever been in a job where you weren’t paid what you were worth?

If so, then you know how unmotivating it can be!

And did you know this? And did you know this? According to this article at, a number of good employees would leave your team for just a 5% increase in pay! 

Paying someone more might seem unrelated to ‘soft skills’ or leadership

But what about you? Would you be willing to change companies if you felt that a new employer valued you more?

By the way…do you have something to say about this topic? Can you imagine discussing what you’re learning here today–in English? That’s exactly what we do in Faster Fluency Conversation Club.  

2. Motivate your team #2: Make sure your team is…happy!

A happy team is a more productive team.

And you know what they say in English about happiness…and enthusiasm?

It’s contagious! As we say in English, enthusiasm is contagious. 

If you have a few happy people on your team, their happiness will touch others make them happy too.

How can you encourage happiness on your team? How can you help make sure that the conditions for being happy are there?

You can keep tabs on how your team is feeling. Be aware of how people are doing. Pay attention!

You can also foster an excellent work-life balance in your team. Or work hard to create the conditions and show examples that help people take care of themselves and their families so they can work better.

GET THE WORKSHEET: Quiz yourself on all these great expressions so you can use them in real life with this worksheet made for you by a Neurolanguage coach.

3. Motivate your team #3: Make sure people know they’re making a difference.

Aren’t you more motivated when you feel like they’re making a difference? When your work has actual value in the world–when your contribution changes something? Your team feels that way too!

Do you know what Steve Jobs said to John Scully when he wanted to get him to leave Pepsi and come and make a difference at Apple?

“Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water or do you want a chance to change the world?”–Steve Jobs.

In the end, I guess we all want meaningful work. 

That makes me want to ask you another question…

What makes work meaningful for you?

For me, I find a lot of meaning in watching my clients improve their English and their lives and feeling inspired by the way they go on to do great things. 

And you? Where do you find meaning? Is it in constantly being better at your work?
Or do you focus on making a difference by inspiring your team?

I’d love to hear about what makes work meaningful for you–or what would make work meaningful for you in the comments.

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Take the next step: Improve your English in the comments

The best way to become more confident using Business English is to practice!

Here’s your Confidence Challenge for this week:

  1. Tell me what makes your work meaningful…or what kind of work you would find meaningful…
  2. How can you do more of that kind of work in the future?

If you learned something from this lesson, please share it with your coworkers & friends. You can send your message to them in English for more practice!

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