Business English Mastery: Enrollment opens today!

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Business English Mastery enrollment open

Woohoo, today is the big day!

As promised, here is your invitation to join Business English Mastery. Plus there are 3 awesome bonuses for you, if you join this week!

Click here for complete details. 

What is Business English Mastery?

Business English Mastery is my complete Virtual Immersion System to become more fluent & confident in Business English. 

You get the tools and systems you need to speak more advanced English, feel more confident, and create daily routines in English.

You work directly with my teachers, communication coaches, and with me.

We hold your hand at each step, so you know exactly what to do (and what not to do) to become more confident and more advanced in Business English.

With my Virtual Immersion System, you learn more in 3 months than with 1 year of traditional lessons! (That’s what past participants have said!)

Results with Business English Mastery

More than 80 professionals have taken this program. They stopped:

  • feeling disappointed about their level
  • being embarrassed to use with clients & colleagues
  • losing energy worrying about mistakes

The biggest results participants had:

  • More confidence
  • More credibility in their work
  • More mastery of English vocabulary and grammar
  • Feeling proud of what they accomplished
  • Enjoying doing something good for them, because it is a dream to speak English well

My Virtual Immersion System works. You can read more stories from past participants here.

What you get when you join the program

This is a summary of what you get:

  • Private English lessons, small group coaching sessions, AND conversation practice group sessions. Almost 100 hours of live sessions!
  • Exercises & resources to improve your vocabulary, listening skills, pronunciation & grammar
  • Sessions with Christina: She answers all your questions about speaking better English
  • …and A LOT more!

Click here for complete details.

Next steps?

There are limited spots available in this program.

And there are 3 awesome bonuses (including private sessions with me) if you join before Wednesday 27 January.

So the next step is to click here for complete details on how to join Business English Mastery. 

I can’t wait to work with you,

POUR LES CLIENTS EN FRANCE : Ce programme est éligible aux financements CPF (compte personnel de formation), ou dans le cadre du plan de formation de votre entreprise. Si vous voulez en savoir plus, répondez à ce mail. Mon équipe et moi serons ravies de vous aider !

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Business English Mastery enrollment open
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