Can small changes make big improvements in English fluency?

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This is Video #3 of the series “Intermediate to advanced English, with virtual immersion & tiny habits”. 

In this video, we’ll see how tiny “1%” changes in your English can create big improvements in your fluency, confidence, and credibility.

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Last time, we talked about the concept of virtual immersion.

And you saw how to create a virtual immersion plan for one day and learned that it’s possible to work on English even if you’re busy. (Especially if you know exactly what to do!

In today’s video, I’ll show you how tiny changes in your English lead to great improvements in your confidence, fluency, and level.

This is the concept of marginal gains

What are “marginal gains”?

“Marginal gains” = making very small improvements over a period of time.

These small improvements add up to make big improvement in your performance.

British cycling coach Dave Brailsford made this approach popular.

The British cycling team hired Brailsford in 2003 to coach their team, because they had had very bad performance for the past 100 years.

To fix the situation, Brailsford implemented the system of “marginal gains.”

He looked at every aspect of cycling and found ways to make very small changes:

  • The best position for a seat.
  • The best clothing to wear.

After they made these changes?

The British Cycling team won 60% of cycling gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

And they remained winners long after that.

So what’s the secret to going from disappointing results to success?

Marginal gains: small changes that combine to great great improvements.

It’s what happens in a Virtual Immersion program, like Business English Mastery.

2 concrete “1% improvements” you can make today

As you learn each of these 1% improvements, imagine the difference they will make in your English.

Imagine how you’ll sound more natural, more confident.

Imagine if you could make small 1% changes like this EVERY day for the next 3 months!

Right now, these may seem like very small improvements.

But when you make small improvements over a long period of time, you will see A LOT of improvement in your English level, and your confidence.

1% grammar improvement: Uncountable nouns that are common in business English

Let’s look at 3 words that are very common in business:

  • Information
  • Data
  • Advice

These words NEVER have -s at the end of them!

She gave me the (informationS) information I needed.
She gave me the (dataS) data I needed.
She gave me the (advices) advice I needed.

→THE CHANGE:  This grammar rule is clear now! You never need to ask yourself the question about “Should I put -s at the end?”

But you need to practice so it becomes a reflex to use the correct form.

1% vocabulary improvement:
Phrasal verb “look into” instead of “investigate” or “research”

In conversation, we often use the phrasal verb “to look into” instead of its synonyms “investigate” or “research”


“I’ll investigate LOOK INTO the source of the problem and prepare a report.”
“I’ll research LOOK INTO some possible dates for the conference.”

It’s also correct to say “investigate” and “research”, but it’s more informal to use “look into.”

→ THE CHANGE: Now, you can use the phrasal verb “look into” to sound more natural in your conversations, by using “look into” instead of “investigate” and “research”!

2 tiny changes = 2 big improvements

Those are 2 tiny changes to your English.  You are 100% sure of them and you can start using them today because they’re so common in business conversations.

Now, imagine if you made tiny improvements like this every day, because you have an English routine, and good learning habits.

Over time, you will learn faster than you ever imagined. You’re doing it step by step, each day, in a virtual immersion with my team and me.

Business English Mastery Virtual Immersion – Opens Wednesday 20 January 2021

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