How Paule became much more confident speaking English, in 3 months

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Last year, Paule-Emmanuelle did not feel confident when she used English in her work.

She’s a credit manager in France. English is important for her job, especially for discussions with British colleagues.

She knew her English was not bad. But she avoided situations where she had to speak English.

What Paule said, before she started the program

“I can think in English, but when I realize I’m speaking English, I fail, especially with my manager. It’s horrible. I don’t feel credible & legitimate to speak English. I need to do something about this”

She tried to improve her English with online resources. But she didn’t improve fast enough.

She couldn’t travel for a physical immersion program, due to Covid.

And she didn’t want to do “traditional lessons.”

She wanted something to boost her English level & her confidence, fast.

So she enrolled in my Virtual Immersion program.

What Paule said, after she finished the program

“I definitely feel more confident. I got some valuable advice from your team, that is very useful for my work and my life. Now, I forget that I’m speaking English, and discussions feel normal for me. Even if my English is not perfect, I feel more legitimate, more capable. I don’t feel guilty about my English any more.”

Paule’s story will inspire you. Please listen to it.

You can do this too!

You can create a similar story of transformation for yourself, in my Virtual Immersion Program: Business English Mastery. 

Plus, I have improved the program since last time:

It is now more flexible, for busy people!

You get more support than Paule had, AND you get 3 bonuses that Paule did not have (if you enroll before Wednesday January 27!)

You will improve more, and faster.

You get help from my team AND me, at a much lower price than private coaching with me.

Do something great for YOU, your career, & your English

My Virtual Immersion includes 3 different types of live sessions, to transform your Business English and your confidence:

  • Private English lessons: personalized help & corrections
  • Small group coaching: become a better professional in English
  • Conversation practice: feel more comfortable & fluent when you speak English
  • …and A LOT more: resources, exercises, and sessions with me

Plus, there are 3 additional bonuses to help you get more results with less work.
(Value of bonuses: 500€. But you get them for FREE!)

…but the 3 free bonuses disappear this Wednesday January 27

Paule’s story is a real inspiration for me. And I would love to help you create your own similar story.

Click here for complete details about my Virtual Immersion program Business English Mastery + the bonuses

All the best,



Ce programme peut être pris en charge jusqu’à 100% avec votre CPF (compte personnel de formation), ou dans le cadre du plan de formation de votre entreprise. Contactez-moi  au ou I’m happy to help you!

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