What’s been happening at Business English with Christina?

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What you’ll learn in this article:

1. Help us with some research we’re doing
2. New free guide on how to write emails in English
3. How we’re fighting climate change at BEwC
4. A new community app for our students
5. Random personal stuff

This week, I wanted to take some time out from the regular English lesson videos to re-connect with all of you in our community. 

It’s been a long time since I did a video like this. The last one was in April, wow!! (It’s here, if you want to see that episode and my sweaty self running the Rome marathon!) So I thought it was time to check in and give you some updates about what has been happening at Business English with Christina over the past few months. 

There’s been A LOT of new things happening, and to be honest, sometimes, I can’t stay on top of it all. Thankfully, I’m not alone in this adventure and I have a top-notch team who helps me stay focused and helps us help you better! 

So what’s new since April? (This is just a quick summary, please watch the video for all the cool details… and to practice your listening skills, of course!)

1. We’re researching how you learn English. Help us!

We always like to know more about how you learn English, what’s blocking you, what you want to learn and all of that fun stuff! 

But to know that, you have to tell us!

So can you take a few minutes to complete this short questionnaire, and help us with our research? Click here to help us with our research! 


2. New free guide for you: 8 Must-Have Emails for Your Business

I asked 30,000 entrepreneurs about the emails they need NOW to grow their businesses. (I told you, we like talking to people in our community so we can help you better!) 

During the summer, we did research about how you all write emails in English, the most important types of emails you need, and the difficulties you have when you have to write them. 

So I wrote those emails in English, as templates, so you can have models to write YOUR emails in English. 

Get my 8 must-have emails for your business here.

3. Let’s fight climate change: What we’re doing

About a month ago, fires were burning near Grenoble. Everything in the mountains around where I live was dry and it was super hot. 

And all of that really was a wake-up call for my team and me. (I wrote all about it in a LinkedIn post, here and got a HUGE response from people. Thank you if you commented on it or contacted me after that post!). 

We realized that we needed to do something, beyond our individual level. We wanted to use the work we do at Business English with Christina to help fight climate change. 

So we have already invested some of the profits from Business English with Christina at Time for the Planet to support start-ups and innovative companies inventing solutions that will help us protect our planet. 

And we’re working on partnerships with 1% for the Planet and EcoTree France so that we can donate 1% of all of our earnings to associations fighting climate change, and also plant a tree for every new student who enrolls in Speak Business English Confidently, Business English Mastery, and Neurolanguage Coaching!  

Because, yes, we love helping you become confident in English. But we also want to help us all become confident in our future as a global community on this precious planet! 

4. A new community app for students in our programs

Connecting with people is part of our DNA, and now it’s also part of our programs! For a long time, we wanted to create a way for us to stay in touch with our students, and for our students to stay in touch with us and with each other in between their live sessions. 

And over the summer, we made it happen! 

So now, when you join Faster Fluency Conversation Club, Speak Business English Confidently, or Business English Mastery, you also get to come into our community app! 

I’m in there, all the teachers are in there, our Client Support Specialist Lyndsie is in there too! And it’s just a way for us to support you even more in between your sessions, and help you bring more English into your everyday life!

5. Random personal stuff

Teaching myself about investing and finances – I have come to realize that there is a lot that I don’t know about money management, finances, and investing. Because we don’t learn this stuff in school! We learn things like algebra (at least we did in the USA. Maybe you did too in your country?). But seriously… who uses algebra in their everyday life?

But money management? There’s something we could probably all use education in! 

So, I’ve recently signed up for the Snowball newsletter (in French) and am reading the book written by Snowball’s creator,  Yoann Lopez’s.

And if it’s important, we have to make time for it, so I’m making time each week to learn about how to be smart with my finances so I can also better manage Business English with Christina and bring you free lessons for years to come! 

Oxfam Trailwalker – On Oct. 8-9, I’m walking 100km to raise money to support Oxfam (In a nutshell, they fight poverty and injustice around the world. You can read more about their actions here). 

If you’re in Lyon during that weekend, come support my team and me! We definitely need it! 

(And if you want to help us reach our fundraising goal, we sincerely appreciate every donation, even if it’s “just” 5€! You can donate to our cause here. (THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!)

What about you?

I’d love to know what’s happening in your part of the world! Share with me a story about something you’re doing, a project that you have in the future, or something that you’re learning about right now (English, perhaps? 😉 

I love reading your comments, and I can’t wait to get some news from you! 

All the best,

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