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— The Extra Mile: Vocabulary for this blog post —
(Look for the words with a “ * ” ):

  • Challenging = difficult, in a way that tests your ability & determination
  • To get us down = to make us sad, worried, and unmotivated
  • To take a step back = to pause and take time to think about something, so you can make decisions in a calm and reasonable way

I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of Speak English with Christina…

You know, the past few months have been challenging* for many of us.

But I believe that we can choose how we see challenges:

  1. As difficulties that get us down*, OR
  2. As opportunities to take a step back* and re-think how we do things

Which one do I choose?

And how will it change Speak English with Christina?

I share my answers with you in today’s episode. (Click on the video at the top of the blog post to watch the episode).

Now it’s your turn! 

The best way to become better at English is to use it every day! So here’s your opportunity to practice your English today, and participate in our community!

→ Tell us about a time when you faced a challenge, and you decided to work with someone to help you.

Share your story in the comments below!

Even if it’s a short comment, at least you’ll do ONE thing to use your English today! 😉

All the best to you,

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