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You run a business. I know you have goals–and dreams. But today, I want you to ask yourself an important question:

What would you do if your English wasn’t holding you back? 

Today I’ve got a special blog post for you.  But to get the entire story, I suggest you also check out the video for this lesson. It’s full of stories from people–like you. Who had goals for their businesses and careers. 

These people got tired of letting their English stand in their way and they did something about it. I’m sharing their stories today to remind you: you can do it too. 

Are you ready to be inspired?

Read on…

What you’ll learn in this article:

1. What it feels like to finally be able to use your English to grow your business.
2. Before their coaching program in English, these people thought it was impossible.
3. And then there was a moment, they realized they had to change their English.
4. With the right help, they changed their English.
5. After Business English Mastery, they could say “yes!” to business in English.

1. What it feels like to finally be able to use your English to grow your business.

What does it feel like when you can finally use your English to grow your business? 

I’d like you to think of what that would look like and feel like to you. 

And if a little voice is telling you that you can’t do it. Then take inspiration from others who have done it. 

“Now I can say, I learn English with pleasure. Before it was not really with pleasure–and with pleasure, it’s easier to learn.” –Jean David

“I can speak English, and I go to conquer the world with my English!”–Lucie

“I was like wow. Well done.” –Jasmina

“I’m kind of proud, and I’m happy to see I improved!” –Cedric

Doesn’t that sound great?
So great it feels maybe…impossible? I know a lot of smart, competent people who feel that way.

2. Before their coaching program in English, these people thought it was impossible…

It’s easy to think…  “They did it, but maybe I can’t.” 

You might be thinking you have to ‘just be good at English’ or spend a long time in an English-speaking country in order to be good enough. 

Or, you might even think you have to be perfect!

And that’s why a lot of people feel like they’ll never be able to improve their English. 

Because, well, you’ve tried to improve your English already. You’ve spent years in school and invested a lot of money in private programs. 

You’ve worked on your own…and it doesn’t always work. A lot of people are in the same situation.

Here’s how some of my clients felt before they tried my virtual immersion coaching program “Business English Mastery.” 

“Before I try in a normal English school language. It was really no good….There was no structure…I lost my motivation completely.” –Jean David

“Before the program, it was impossible for me, and now it’s ok, I’m not perfect, but I can speak of my work, I can explain my work.” –Lucie

“It’s hard to speak in another language, so when I started the program, I felt really uncomfortable.” –Cedric

There’s something you don’t know about all these happy people who solved their English problem.  They were all stuck once too. 

Until there was a moment they decided to do something. A moment when they realized what their English was costing them. 

3. And then there was a moment, they realized they had to change their English.

Sometimes there’s a moment, an event that makes you realize you have to do something…

And that’s the time to seize this moment to say “I know I have to do something… And I WILL do something”. Because you know that you can’t continue to wait.

And everyone you see in this video–that’s exactly what they did! They joined my Virtual Immersion coaching program “Business English Mastery”. 

They decided they wanted to say “no” to being uncomfortable in English and “yes” to their dreams for their careers and their life.  

They knew they needed something different. 

“I had an opportunity in my company…and in this job application, a good level of English is needed.” -Cedric

“In one meeting, they ask you something, and I can’t always tell what someone’s saying… I have been in this situation and it’s awkward for me” –Robmary

4. With the right help, they changed their English.

So what was the secret to their success? Did they have something no one else did? 
They didn’t become perfect overnight–or fly away to an English-speaking country. 

But they did have the courage to try something new. They saw they needed a structured program to help them learn the smart way.  They needed a team to support and guide them–expert teachers, a business communication coach. 

They needed something completely different.

“Yes, I found with this program a completely different approach with the methodology…completely different with a lot of good advice. Yes, I learned to set a lot of English routines and habits every day…if I can because I don’t have a lot of time every day–and I really followed the plan that I did every week …It’s a good thing for me.” –Jean David 

“Have a habit with English: How to schedule the agenda to prepare to study by yourself. Also your program allows…me to speak freely English. We are afraid to make mistakes…” –Carlos

“It was something different.. Different classes and coaching, customized coaching, very nice because I was able to work what I really want to do, perfect.” –Neil

That’s why I created the virtual immersion coaching program “Business English Mastery”, to help smart, busy entrepreneurs–like you reach their English goals and their business goals.  It’s my passion. And my team of expert teachers and business communication coaches are also passionate about helping you.

And that’s what makes this program different from anything you’ve tried before.  The connection with your teachers, and the other international professionals and business owners:

“To me it was made like it was tailored to me.” –Cedric

“I’m so happy to practice with Matthew also with Karen, my coach… in the session every Wednesday. The materials that you shared are important for me…you shared interesting tips and such articles that you can use to improve your English quickly.” –Carlos

“Individual lessons so we can exactly say what’s the problem in our English and the teacher is trying to solve really concrete problems, and you can decide what you want to work, what subjects.” –Amandine

5. After Business English Mastery, they could say “yes!” to business in English. 

After they completed their coaching program in English, all of these people realized they could do something new in English–that they could never do before.

“I feel a difference now. I am more relaxed. The words come easier, yes, I’m more confident and more sure of myself. Now I’m not afraid to speak in English with people. I’m sure I do a lot of mistakes but it’s not important. The best thing to learn is practice.” –Jean David

“Right now, I think I have this confidence I need to speak, and it’s not a problem if I want to speak in English.” –Stéphane H.

“Some companies contacted me for new opportunities, companies offered me an international job.” –Jean-Thierry: 

“I’m not afraid to speak by phone with other people in English.” –Cyril

“I feel very confident, and legitimate!” –Paule

And they have a message for you–in case you’re wondering “Can I do this too?”

“I want to say to people who are hesitating to join, it’s safe, you can make mistakes, it’s not judgmental, and you have a good environment.” –Cedric

“Don’t hesitate. I am very happy with this program. I can only encourage people to subscribe. This program changed the way I learn–that’s sure. I am 100 percent sure this program works for everyone.” –Jean David

“I’m very, very grateful for this program. And I encourage people to enroll in your program because really you can make lots of progress that you can’t imagine, you know. You think “working every day a little bit… you don’t work…” And it works. It’s really worth it.” –Zan

 “I would recommend this program for everybody because the program provides a lot of resources for the people that want to improve their English. If you are a person who can speak, listen, read, and write in English it’s a good program and it will improve your skills in a short time.” –Carlos

Are you ready to start saying “yes” to growing your business in English? 

Are you ready to try something completely different–so you can succeed in English and business like the people in this video? Then join me for the virtual immersion coaching program “Business English Mastery”. Enrollments are open until Wednesday, September 14th.

With the help of a team of expert teachers and business communication coaches and a structured, innovative program, I know you can do this.  

Improve your English in the comments

The best way to become more confident using Business English is to practice!
Here’s your Confidence Challenge for this week:

  1. Imagine yourself ‘after’ you find confidence in your English. What is one thing you’d do?
  2. Let us know in the comments below.

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