How to feel confident in conversations [Mini-course, part 1]

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feel confident in conversations in English

Do you sometimes start a conversation in English, and feel blocked after 3 minutes?

You hesitate to find your words.
You translate in your head, and you realize how slow you are to express your ideas.

You hear yourself speaking English, and you think “I know that is not the right thing to say… my grammar and vocabulary are not correct!”

You feel like an 8-year old child when you speak English. But you know that you are an intelligent professional, with skills, knowledge, and lots of things to talk about! It’s frustrating to feel blocked like this.

Why does this happen to you?

We all feel awkward and uncomfortable sometimes. Be assured, it’s normal.

Just think back to your first day at a new job. Did you feel confident talking to everyone?

Probably not.

But after some time, it became easier to make small talk with your colleagues, to ask for help. Maybe you even invited them to lunch!

What changed? You became more confident.

Can you learn confidence?

In English, many people think that having more vocabulary is the secret to having better conversations.

Yes, vocabulary is important. But there is another thing that is also very important: Confidence.

Good news! YES, you can learn to be more confident in conversations in English.

In this lesson, I share with you simple techniques you can use to have more confidence in conversations in English.

Specifically, you will learn:

  • The unique challenges you face, as a non-native speaker of English
  • 2 techniques that will immediately boost your confidence before you start a conversation
  • Why good conversation skills are essential to advance your career
  • The “cost” of not improving your conversation skills

After you watch this special lesson, come over to the blog, and share with me:

What frustrations do you have about conversation and small talk in English?

I can’t wait to read your story, so that I can offer some advice to help you!

See you there,

If you want the slides from the video lesson, click here to get them! This is my free gift to you, to help you start feeling more confident in conversations. And this is just the beginning!

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