Améliorez votre compréhension orale ET votre prononciation, 2ème partie

exercice d anglais compréhension orale anglais

You remember last week, how we worked on making it easier for you to understand real spoken English?

(Just in case you missed last week’s exercises, here they are again)

And you remember how we said that comprehension and pronunciation are like peanut butter and jelly? (That means they go together, that you can’t have one without the other, that they’re a natural combination…at least for an American 😉

Well, if last week’s video was the peanut butter, this week’s video is the jelly.

In other words, in today’s episode, you’re going to learn a very practical exercise that you can do to improve your pronunciation.

Working on your pronunciation—more precisely, on your intonation & stress—makes it easier for people to understand you.

You won’t see people discretely make that “Huh??” face anymore because they didn’t understand something you said.

If you do get that “Huh??” face, it’s not because of your accent, it’s because your stress and intonation are a little off…

And this week’s SBFG Episode will help you feel more confident about the way you speak.

Améliorez votre compréhension orale ET votre prononciation, 2ème partie

Also, this week, I have few extra resources to share with you!

Here’s the link that explains how to use VLC to loop video & audio so you can focus on the sounds of the language

Here’s a fantastic podcast called “English Pronunciation Pod” that I found thanks to my blogger friend Mathilde, who I interviewed back in December 2015 about her life as a French person in the US.

You can also check out her blog, which I always recommend if you need a virtual vacation to the US.

Now, I’d love to hear from you. In the comments below, tell me:

What is your biggest challenge with pronunciation and comprehension?

Leave a comment below and share your challenge with The SBFG Community

You know, thousands of other French-speaking professionals come to SBFG to boost their English and boost their career. Your story may inspire and encourage someone who is having the same difficulties. You’re not alone! The SBFG Community is here to help!

Thank you as always for reading, sharing and joining in!

Have a fantastic week in English,


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