Learn these everyday English expressions for talking about gratitude.

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Expressing gratitude

When you want to be confident in your English, you have to learn to live in English.

And sometimes that means talking about important things in life. Things that matter to you.

Today, we’re going to talk about three everyday English expressions you can use to talk about gratitude.

And we’ll learn these expressions using a really great learning technique.

I’ll tell you a story about a video I saw recently.  A story you’ll remember.

Be sure to watch the video to hear this story and to take a special quiz at the end to see if you understand the expressions.


1. Everyday English Expression #1: To express gratitude.

2. Everyday English Expression #2: To be grateful for something/to have something.

3. Everyday English Expression #3:To take something for granted.

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1. Everyday English Expression#1: To express gratitude.

I’m grateful for technology!  I was looking for ideas for today’s blog post and found the short You Tube film called “The Present.”

In the video, there is a boy playing video games.
His mom offers him a present, but he doesn’t express gratitude.
He doesn’t look happy or say “Thank you.”

He just continues playing video games.

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2. Everyday English Expression#2: To be grateful.

Finally, the boy opens the present, and it’s a puppy!
He’s so happy at first. You can see he’s grateful for this present.

But then he noticed something…

The puppy is missing a leg.  The boy seems disappointed.

He stays on the couch.  He plays his video games.  And he pushes the puppy away.

But the puppy has a different attitude.  He’s so grateful to have a friend.  He wants to play and play.

He runs after the boy again and again. And he falls down a lot. But he keeps trying. He really wants the boy to play with him.

3. Everyday English Expression #3: To take something for granted.

Finally, the expression on the boy’s face changes. He understands why his mom gave him this puppy with the missing leg.
The boy stands up from the couch and we see it:

He’s missing a leg too.

But now, he knows he doesn’t have to stay inside and play videogames on the couch.

The boy sees the puppy and learns from him.  Even if he has some difficulties compared to others, he can still go out and play. And do lots of things.

And he shouldn’t take that for granted.

This video got me thinking about all of the things I’m grateful for.

It reminded me that expressing gratitude is important.  Even when things don’t happen the way we want.

And it reminded me that sometimes, we take too much for granted.

Sometimes a good story and a strong feeling can help you really remember what you’ve learned.  It’s all part of learning English by living in English.

And each time you use smart, meaningful and memorable ways of learning…

You’re one step closer to being confident in your English.  In Business, and in life.

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