Smarter not harder: How to boost your business English, faster

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smarter not harder in English


1. Recap of last week’s lesson

2. Movies, TV series, & podcasts: Good, but not enough

3. Fluency + accuracy = a double approach for faster results

4. Speak Business English Confidently: Private Lesson Program

Apps, Netflix, and other tools you’re using to improve your English are good, but are they enough? If you’re frustrated because of slow progress in English, watch this episode.

1. Recap of last week’s lesson

Last week, we talked about how important it is to make the time to improve your English.
Even if you are busy, you must MAKE time to improve your English, if it’s important for you.


Because your frustrations and dissatisfaction will NEVER change until you speak better English, and feel more confident about yourself.

But the reality is that there are always things that seem more urgent than improving your English.

This is why it’s essential to MAKE time. So that you improve your English, regularly.

The good news: You can use your valuable time in a more intelligent way than you do today. You can work smarter, not harder.

And you’ll get a better return on the investment of your time & effort when you do this!

Today, we’ll see how to work smarter, not harder, and boost your business English faster.

2. Movies, TV series, & podcasts: Good, but not enough

“I watch movies in English… and TV series in English!”

I hear this almost EVERY time I talk to a new client. And then, almost every time, the next thing they say is…

“…but I have difficulties speaking. I can understand, but when I speak, I feel blocked.”

Do you have these feelings too?

You spend hours watching TV series, YouTube videos, doing apps in English… but you still feel frustrated that your level in speaking English is not improving fast enough.

But you don’t know how to improve your speaking faster.

Watching movies in English is great. It helps you train your ear to hear the sounds of English. And it’s fun! Fun is important 🙂

But learning to understand English is NOT the same as learning to speak English confidently.

Speaking and listening are 2 different skills.

How to feel more confident when you speak business English? And how to get more confidence faster? Even when you’re busy?

Let’s look…

3. Fluency + accuracy = a double approach for faster results

When you speak English, you need to be:

  1. Fluent = you speak easily, and the conversation flows
  2. Accurate = your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation are correct enough (you don’t need to be perfect though)

How do you improve both of these?

  1. To improve your fluency, you need regular conversation practice (so you get the habit of speaking English, and it feels natural for you)
  2. To improve your accuracy, you need help from a teacher (who can correct your mistakes quickly, tell you exactly how to improve, and help you save time because you’re sure what you need to do)

Of course, you can use other tools–apps, movies, podcasts, exercises, etc.–to supplement your conversation practice and work with a teacher.

But if you want to spend less time and improve your business English more, you have to practice speaking regularly, and have help from a teacher.

This will give you the boost you need to improve a lot in a short time.

4. Speak Business English Confidently: Private Lesson Program

Enrollments are now open for my Private Lesson Program Speak Business English Confidently too! And several clients have already enrolled!

But I’ll be honest. You don’t have to follow THIS program! 

There are a lot of other options: Online teachers, apps, even other programs on my website…

I don’t want you to enroll in Speak Business English Confidently Private Lesson Program unless you feel it’s PERFECT for you.

This program may not be your best option if you:

  • have the discipline to use an app like Duolingo, every day, until you see big improvements (It will take a very long time!)
  • already have an English routine in place, and you follow it regularly
  • have the time, patience, and pedagogical knowledge to select the right teacher for you on an online platform
  • prefer my Faster Fluency Conversation Club alone, because it’s sufficient for your objectives.

But, maybe Speak Business English Confidently IS your best option, if you:

  • are comfortable enough reading English, but you still feel uncomfortable speaking
  • want to improve both specific Business English AND general conversation skills
  • want to better understand native speakers AND non-native speakers
  • feel that English is a block in your career, and it’s important that you improve
  • are frustrated that you are not improving your English fast enough
  • will start a new job soon and need to give a big boost to your English quickly

It’s an important decision. You have your confidence, your career, and your future in your hands.

You need clarity to make the right decision for you.

That’s why today, I help you explore your options, so you can choose the best one for YOU.

To make it easy for you to decide, I prepared a chart that compares each option, its benefits and disadvantages.

Click here to compare your options for speaking business English with confidence

Have a good day,

PS : When you enroll in Speak Business English Confidently Private Lesson Program before Wednesday 18 November, you get 5 exceptional bonuses, for free!

Click here to discover the 5 free bonuses, and the details of the program. 

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