How to find motivation to improve when you feel stuck in English

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stuck in English

We all feel stuck sometimes. I assure you, it’s a normal feeling.

— The Extra Mile: Vocabulary for this week’s lesson —
(Look for the words with a “ * ” ):

To be stuck in a rut = To be stuck or trapped in the same negative routine. Despite your actions, you can’t develop a positive routine.
To move forward = to advance
To get back on track = Return to the correct path, or the correct way of doing things

In our personal lives, in our professional life, in English… there is always a moment when we feel stuck in a rut*.

One day, we feel good, productive, happy.

And then, maybe, a few days later, it feels like you can’t move forward.

You say you really want to improve your situation. You have good intentions. You feel motivated.

And no matter how much you say you want to do something, you just can’t get back on track* and find the joy of *moving forward again.

If you have ever felt stuck, in your life or just with learning English, this episode will help you stop feeling stuck in a rut, and get back on track!

Don’t stay stuck alone!

The best way to become unstuck with your English is to take action, even if it’s a small action.

So here’s your opportunity to start getting back on track.

→ What is ONE thing that you can do this week, to start building your English routine? 

Share your idea with us, in the comments below!

Even if it’s a short comment, at least you’ll do ONE thing to move forward with your English today!

Have a good week,

P.S. This month, I’m trying something new with the videos. I want to make them more interactive, and to help you learn more native-speaker expressions faster.

Watch the video to discover this new approach, and tell me if you like it (or not!) Thanks!

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