What you need to become fluent: Individual lessons are NOT the only way

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When you’re learning English, you might think someday :
“Hey, what if I started taking English lessons? Because what I really need is a native speaker to correct all my mistakes if I want to be fluent.”

It’s a common idea, especially, when you’re lacking confidence in your English… And especially when you don’t have many opportunities to practice. So let me show you how you can learn faster and in a more fun way!

1) Individual lessons: The limitations
2) Individual lessons: A better system
3) Faster Fluency Conversation Club: The whole package

1) Individual lessons: The limitations

Practice is important. But it’s hard to find English speakers in the real world. That’s why individual lessons are so tempting! You can visit a teacher website, or call an individual teacher in your town, and start this week! That’s great.

But… After some time, you may realize you’re not learning as much as you want, especially if you only practice speaking English one hour per week (or less!). It’s really hard to remember new vocabulary! And life always gets in the way: you’re a busy person, so you miss one lesson, then another…

*** The extra mile: chunk alert! ***

“To get in the way” = to be an obstacle, to mess up your plans, to become impossible to avoid


When life gets in the way of your learning, and you don’t get enough real-world repetition to practice new vocabulary, you forget a lot of what you learned.

So you come back to the beginning.
You lost a lot of effort, a lot of time, it’s what leads a lot of students to say:
“I’ve been learning for 10 years, but I still have to search for my words when I speak!”

You need a better system. Where you know you’re going to progress. And where you won’t be alone!

Taking individual lessons can feel lonely – or worse, if you’re taking lessons with your company, you can be stuck with your coworkers… And then you’ll feel afraid of making mistakes. It’s the worst way to learn!

How can you do better?

2) Individual lessons: A better system

Don’t worry!

You can use the precious time you spend doing lessons in a better way.

The key is to make it a whole package. That’s why you’ll need 4 parts, that are all important:

  • A flexible system
  • A good teacher
  • Focused resources
  • Other people!

→ A flexible system will keep you on track.
A system will help you make progress regularly, even when your motivation fades. Motivation is great when you want to start something, but you can’t depend on it in the long run. Your system can be simple: you only need a calendar in the beginning. You can also make a whole plan with an app like Beeminder.

*** The extra mile: Chunk alert***

“In the long run” = for the long term


→  A teacher you can trust
The teacher will give you specific advice and can help you answer your question quickly. For example, a teacher will be able to give you details about differences between oral and written English, or “Would “ and “Used to” to talk about the past in English, or the Zero Conditional… But especially about your problems and what you need to focus on. This immediate feedback from an expert will help you get fluent faster.

→ Focused resources to help you learn
Learn with all your senses! Hearing, reading, watching… You’ll learn faster and more deeply. Repeated exposure is also key: by focusing on one topic, like Entrepreneur Vocabulary in English or your own industry or hobby, you’ll learn more vocabulary and grammar. Repetition leads to remembering!
These resources need to be easy to use for you, so that you can integrate them into your life. Listening to a podcast while you walk, reading an article during breakfast, watching a video during your bus ride to work… A structure will help you learn more words than “just practice.”

→ A club of other people
We’re better together. With a club of other learners, who are also dedicated to improving their English, you will be able to move forward even when you feel less motivated. And it’s fun!
A conversation club is a great way to meet people from around the world. They’re trying to improve as well, so they won’t judge you for making mistakes!

Learning English becomes as fun as talking with friends. You’ll even improve your social skills. Practice how to make small talk and always have something to say in English conversations! And they’ll be friends from around the world who all share your same goal: Speak better English.

3) Faster Fluency Conversation Club: The whole package

I offer you the whole package in the Faster Fluency Conversation Club.

It’s a conversation club, a system that helps you become fluent in English conversations… faster. You’ll get lessons. Resources. Great teachers. And many other learners to help you!

My Conversation Club will help you:

  • Become more confident speaking English
  • Learn everyday vocabulary and business vocabulary in English
  • Develop social skills with the community!

Make new friends (and connections) from all around the world! Get comfortable with any accent!

The next time you speak English with a Spanish client in France, or have a conf call with your American and Brazilian colleagues, you’ll feel much more confident.

Our Expert Teacher will also give you individual feedback that you can trust. You’ll get acces to a ton of focused resources for the conversation theme of the week. And the whole program is flexible.

We offer a conversation at a different time every day, and you only need to come to 2 or 3 sessions per week to see excellent results. Plus, you can work on the resources any time that is convenient for you. The Faster Fluency Conversation Club can adapt to your busy life.

It’s a complete package to practice English effectively and regularly. And it’s affordable, especially this month.

When you join, use the code FFCC40 to save -40% off your first month of membership!

Practice speaking English, get more vocabulary, connect with motivated members from around the world, and become fluent faster. And each day, you’ll take one more step towards your goal of becoming more confident speaking English.

Click here to join the Club.

See you over there!

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