I don’t have time to improve my English!

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Time to improve English

If you know that you need to speak better English for your career, but think you’re too busy, continue reading…


1. Two choices: Which do you choose?
2. Who controls your time (and your future)?
3. The good news: You have the power
4. How do you know if English is holding you back?

1. Two choices: Which do you choose?

I talk to so many people who want to do something to finally, truly solve their problems with English. But then, they say “I’m too busy”, “I’ll start in a few months”, or “I need to think about it…”

You know that you’re ready to change your habits, to get more  confidence, and the way you speak English. You’ve been feeling it for a long time.

Every time you can’t express yourself in meetings in English, that you miss a job opportunity, that you feel limited due to English, it reminds you that something needs to change.

But what happens next?

Often, you have two choices

  1. You say “ I’m too busy right now, I need to think about it, I’m gonna wait until after…” and you continue to feel frustrated about your business English,OR
  2. You say “That’s it! I have to do something NOW, because this truly is important for me” and you make the decision to do something, because you are tired of waiting for the “right” time.

You decide NOW is the right time. Because after all, it IS your decision.
And it’s not easy, because it means that you have to change your habits.

You have to look at how you spend your time, maybe re-organize your routines.

Maybe you need to discuss your decision with others, so that you can make time to improve your business English (and so they can respect your decision).

Maybe you have to develop more discipline, not just do English when you feel motivated, when you have a bit of free time. Instead, you have to build a routine, and follow it.

2. Who controls your time (and your future)?

Who controls your time (and your future)?

Sure, you can’t control how you spend all of the time in your day–you have certain obligations–but don’t let others control all of your time. It means they control your life. They control your future.

That’s why it’s soooo important to make time to improve your English, if you know that English is important for you and your career, and just for your own satisfaction & happiness.

You have the power to decide to take that control now, or to continue waiting until the time is right (it never will be), waiting until you’re less busy (Has that ever happened?).

The longer you wait, the more difficult it is to change.

3. The good news: You have the power

But the good news is that YOU have the power to decide that now is the time to stop waiting.

Once you realize this, and realize that you have the power to decide to do something, that can open the door to so many opportunities, better salary, more job security, more professional credibility & leadership in your company, more personal satisfaction too.

And maybe that personal satisfaction is the most important, in reality. Because you don’t want to feel like English is holding you back.

4. How do you know if English is holding you back?

How do you know if English is holding you back in your career and if now is the time to change that?

Take my 9-question quiz to find out!

You will get valuable insights* about your situation today, so you know what you need to do next.

Click here to take the quiz: Is your English helping or… hurting your career prospects?

When you finish, share your score and how you feel about your results in the comments below!

The honest truth is that nothing will change for you until you make time to make the change. So let’s see if now is your time to make a change.

Take care,

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