Happy New Year! What to say to Americans for the new year

Happy New Year

Happy, happy new year 2016!

Last week, I hope you had a bit of free time to catch up on the best Speak English with Christina episodes of last year (or at least just relaxed and enjoyed the festive holiday time).

I’ve personally also been recharging my batteries at home in the USA: jogging along the beach, spending time with my family, seeing the new Star Wars film, and visiting Houston, Texas for the first time (a great city that I highly recommend visiting)! It’s been a great break.

Of course I love my work and I love bringing you new episodes each week, but we both know that a little down time makes us happier, healthier, and more productive.

But even during down time, I love sharing things with you and helping you learn about American culture. If you want personal insights and some travel photos from the USA, follow my Facebook page or Instagram account. I’m sharing almost-daily “reports,” direct from the field!

In this week’s New Year’s episode, you’ll also learn the “rules” for wishing Happy New Year to your American colleagues. It’s VERY different from what you do in some countries!

Happy New Year (And A Special Announcement!)
The new year is the perfect time to set your goals (définir vos objectifs) and decide that 2016 will be the year you take action to boost your English and boost your career.

If you’re like me, you’re excited about the new projects, the things that you’re going to accomplish, and the plan you’re going to put in place (mettre en place) to make your goals happen (pour accomplir vos objectifs) this year. I am pumped (Je suis surexcitée) because I’ve got some big projects to share with you this year.

You’ll discover the first big project in today’s video, so be sure to watch it for the big announcement.

Plus, you’ll find out how you can get on my VIP list for some free full English lessons with me.

(HINT: You’ll need to click on this link after you watch the video!)

It’s a great way to start the new year right by doing something right now to help you meet your goals in English.

Speaking of the new year, this article from CNN.com will help you learn more about the practice of wishing “Happy New Year” to your American colleagues.

You’ll see, it’s VERY different from the attitude in some countries!

And after you’ve watched the video, tell us in the comments below:

What are your goals for 2016?

Not resolutions, but goals (because we’ve all set New Year’s resolutions and broken them 23 days later…).

One of my first goals for 2016 is to concretely continue to improve my skills as your trainer. I’ve already signed up for 2 international conferences to help me reach that goal! (YAY!)

Sure, it’ll cost time and money, but it’s a valuable investment that will make me better.

What are you going to do to become better in 2016?

Wishing you success and joy in 2016,



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