Afraid to Speak to Confident: Stories of students who changed their English.

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Can you imagine finally improving in English enough so that you felt…comfortable, confident?  
Not reaching perfection, not ‘speaking like a native speaker.’ 
But just being you, your smart, competent self in a business English setting?

How would you feel? 

Would you feel like Luce did after she completed my Business English Mastery Virtual Immersion because they get to have this experience?

“It’s a big difference, I can speak English and I go to conquer the world.”

I think that’s why I love the work I do so much. Because helping my clients change their English, helps them change their lives. They feel so much better, so much more confident.

What would it feel like to feel ready to conquer the world instead of afraid to pick up the phone or nervous about your next presentation or meeting? 

Many of my clients are surprised and moved because of the progress they’ve made and the positive experiences they’ve had. 

They say things like…

“My gratitude because this experience was magic for me.” –Jean-Thierry.

“I’m kind of proud because it’s a lot of work and I’m happy to see that I’ve improved, it’s kind of an achievement and, yeah, I’m happy about it! —Cedric.

In today’s video, I want to share the incredible and inspiring stories of a few amazing people I was lucky to get to know during my Business English Mastery Virtual Immersion Program.

These are people who know what it’s like to struggle with their English. They know what it’s like to feel uncomfortable, not quite ‘good enough’ in English. And to feel stuck.

And they are also people who decided to change all that. Busy people, with real careers and responsibilities. Like you. 

Do you have to have tons of time to study English? Move to an English-speaking country? Just have a natural talent for learning English? Actually, no. 

It takes work, the right strategies…and maybe the help of a great team. But it is something you CAN do. 

Take a minute and watch today’s video and remember. I believe you can do this.


1. How smart, hard-working people (like you) feel BEFORE Business English Mastery: stuck, frustrated, uncertain…
2. How my clients overcame their fears, lack of time…and confidence–and how you can too.
3. What is it like to change your English with the Business English Mastery experience?
4. What it feels like AFTER Business English Mastery: A ‘new you’ in English, new possibilities…

1. How smart, hard-working people (like you) feel BEFORE Business English Mastery: stuck, frustrated, uncertain…

Do you have doubts, frustrations, and fears around speaking English?
That’s normal. A lot of my students felt that way too at some point.

How does it feel when you are stuck, or frustrated, unsure about the future–or what to do?

Here is how some of my clients felt BEFORE they participated in Business English Mastery:

Cedric was not feeling confident:

“It’s hard to speak in another language, so when I started the program, I felt really uncomfortable.”

Roman remembers how it felt before he improved his English: 

“I know that one year ago, I would be [was] totally afraid of speaking English”

Cyril knew what it was like to feel like you’re not moving forward: 

“I really need to improve my English.  I was stuck on my level.” 

What about you? Maybe it’s time to think about how you’re feeling right now. 
Is it the way you want to feel about your English?
Is there anything you could do about that? 

You know, you don’t have to stay stuck.

You CAN do something about your English. And change the way it feels to be you–in English.

I want to share my client’s stories with you and I hope they inspire you.

2. How my clients overcame their fears, lack of time…and confidence–and how you can too.

Do you know what inspires me about my clients? All of them decided that they were going to do something about their English. They decided to take action.

Sometimes it was because there came a moment when they had had enough of feeling uncomfortable in English. 

“In one meeting, they ask you something…I have been in this situation and it’s awkward for me.” Robmary.

Sometimes a new opportunity presented itself, they knew they needed to level up their English to be better at their work:

“I had an opportunity in my company…and in this job application, a good level of English is needed.”--Cedric. 

If you listen to today’s video, I think you’ll see what made these smart, competent people decide to do something about their English. And you might see yourself in their situation too.

And everyone you see in this video? They decided to make a change–for good. They joined my Virtual Immersion program Business English Mastery. 

And that’s where they found the help and guidance they needed, to become the person they wanted to be in English, to move to a more advanced level, by taking a different approach to improving their Business English. They decided to try something completely different.

What would you do if you had better English?
What uncomfortable business situations would become better for you?
What opportunities could you have if you improved your English?

3. What is it like to change your English with the Business English Mastery experience?

When I meet with my clients to ask them about their experience with Business English Mastery, they often talk about the way the experience feels…human, personal, individual.

And that personal touch, that human experience, the connection with your teachers, and the other participants, it makes a huge difference in how well you learn.
It’s a game-changer.  

Here’s what my clients had to say about their experience with Business English Mastery.

“It was something different.. Different classes & coaching, customized coaching, very nice because I was able to work what I really want to do, perfect” –-Neil.

“To me it was made like it was tailored to me.” –Cedric

“Individual lessons so we can exactly say what’s the problem in our English and the teacher is trying to solve really concrete problems, and you can decide what you want to work, what subjects.” –Amandine

“For me, compared to all the stuff you can have from the web, it’s clearly the face to face. Having someone who can correct you in live is better than anything else.” –Bouziane.

“The teachers were so encouraging that I didn’t feel guilty about speaking English.” –Paule

“Meeting new people was interesting, because I stay still in touch with one of them. It’s funny!” –Cyril

Are you surprised to see that something helpful, something that changes your English is also fun…human? An experience that changes you just a little also? 

Can you imagine how your English would change if you had a team of people who cared about you and your English at your side? 

Who could you become in English?

4. What it feels like AFTER Business English Mastery: A ‘new you’ in English, new possibilities…

In the end, each participant of Business English Mastery became a new version of themselves in English: 

“Right now, I think I have this confidence I need to speak, and it’s not a problem if I want to speak in English. –Stéphane H.”

“We worked hard and it was worth it!” –Lucie

“Some companies contacted me for new opportunities, companies offered me an international job” Jean-Thierry

“To be more confident, I agree with your message. I just needed to be more confident speaking.”–Amandine 

“I’m not afraid to speak by phone with other people in English. –Cyril 

What will the new version of yourself look like when you improve your English?

I can’t wait to find out. 

If you’d like to see how it feels to (finally) change your English and your life, I hope you’ll join me for Business English Mastery. 


And if you’re feeling a little nervous, or uncertain if you can really change your English?

Here’s what my clients had to say to you: 

“I want to say to people who are hesitating to join, it’s safe, you can make mistakes, it’s not judgmental, and you have a good environment.” –Cedric.

“It’s really complete, very beautiful package and interesting support.”–Cyril  

“I’m very happy to work with your teachers and that’s why I advised my friends, my colleagues to join this program, because if you want to improve your English and open new opportunities, try BEM and adopt this program.” –Jean-Thierry

“I’m very, very grateful for this program. And I encourage people to enroll in your program because really you can make lots of progress that you can’t imagine, you know. And it works. It’s really worth it.” –Zan.

“You have a great group and coaches. It’s really helpful to be more confident, and you never judge the wrong way. You have the kindness to let us take our time. It’s important that we try to build this human connection in our improvement. This is really important to do business too.” –Stéphane

Take the next step: Improve your English in the comments

The best way to become more confident using Business English is to practice!

Here’s your Confidence Challenge for this week:

  1. Tell me what the “New You” in English would be comfortable doing? Talking on the phone? Leading a meeting in English?
  2. Tell me one new opportunity that might open up to you if you changed your English.

If you learned something from this lesson, please share it with your coworkers & friends. You can send your message to them in English for more practice!

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