How to Progress Faster In English

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How to progress fast

What is the relationship between becoming more fluent in English and tidying up your home? I’ll tell you…

Last Friday, I returned to France and I immediately started to work.

Not real work, but a small personal project that I do every year. I sorted out the closet and the shelves. This year, I cleared out LOTS of things.

In our everyday lives, we have to face so many distractions that zap our energy: alerts on our smartphones, 24 hours a day news, colleagues who constantly solicit us, children to take care of, stuff which beep, vibrate, ring …

Even the decisions that must be taken every day, such as what to wear in the morning clutter our thoughts.

All these things distract us instead of making us happy …

What a loss of your precious time!

That’s why at the beginning of each year, I purge my closets to better avoid distractions.

This time I even followed a “method”. This is an easy-to-read English book called The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

If you too have the impression that there are too many things that clutter your life and which prevents you to become more fluent in English as much as you want, I recommend you this book.
And since it’s in English, you can improve your life and become more fluent in English at the same time. Awesome, right?

After giving away maybe half of my clothes and 50% stuff in my office (seriously, that much stuff …), I can focus on really important things like my goals, how to use my so precious time and find out how to get all my work done and still have some free time for Romain and myself.

Finding time to become more fluent in English is possible

For you, finding time to become more fluent in English is perhaps one of your biggest challenges. I know it’s not easy. That’s why this week’s SBFG TV episode will help you to overcome this problem.

To help you put my advice into practice, I created 2 “planners” for you:

CLICK HERE to download my Weekly Plan For Success

CLICK HERE to download my Ultimate Goals Planner

How To Progress Faster In English - How To Learn English Tips & Motivation

Also, if you are looking for better ways to organize your life in general to find more time and joy of being at the top, SBFG Ambassador Fabienne sent me this link to nice printable agendas from Les

If you know you have to find time to reach your goals and become more fluent in English (without losing all your hair or making a nervous breakdown), these planners will help you. Fabienne, a big thank you from the whole SBFG Community!

Finally, here is another resource to enrich your life in English and your well-being: the Headspace meditation app.

Do not worry, there is nothing religious or ideological about it.

It’s just to help you regain that inner peace that we are all searching for. Call it a time of solitary reflection if you prefer …

The app offers you 10 free sessions to see if it’s for you or not.

In addition, it is in a clear and well articulated English. You can start your day with 10 minutes of time for yourself, to listen to English and especially to escape from the chaos of the day. I love this app, and I thought maybe you would too:)

Now, what about you?

How do you organize and manage your time and achieve your goals?

You surely have something to share with us! Tell us in the comments!

Don’t forget that every day, thousands of French people come to see us on The SBFG Blog to boost their English and their careers. Your idea will probably help someone else to progress in English this year, or to achieve another goal that is close to their heart.

It is always a pleasure to read your ideas and suggestions, because you teach me a lot of things too (including how to correct my mistakes in French 😉 Thanks so much.

Have a fantastic week in English,



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