A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting American Clients on LinkedIn

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting American Clients on LinkedIn

A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting American Clients on LinkedIn

Have you ever dreamt of scaling up your business and/or simply attracting high-value American clients to make more revenue? 

The US market offers immense potential for European entrepreneurs. (The economic power of the US market is over $27.97 trillion. Yes, TRILLION).

If you want to reach American clients while you’re still in Europe, you need to know how to do that effectively. 

From my own experience doing business globally, LinkedIn stands out as one of the most powerful ways to connect with potential clients abroad.

77% of the American population is on LinkedIn (compared to just 48% in France, and 26% in Germany).

See the potential?

Unfortunately, many European entrepreneurs struggle with getting clients via LinkedIn. Here’s are the things I’ve seen: 

  • Subpar profiles: Profiles often lack clear value propositions specific to the American market. They are often bland, lack personality and storytelling. American decision-makers who read these profiles will probably think “Meh… not interesting.”
  • Content disconnect: Sharing generic content or just translating your existing content will probably fail to resonate with American audiences. Cultural nuances and communication styles differ, and what works in your home market might not translate in the US, even if your English is perfect (or you used Deepl).

Networking Nuances: American business culture emphasizes concise communication that highlights value and offers value before asking for something. Understanding these subtleties is crucial for building rapport and establishing trust.

Here’s an example of how NOT to do this (It’s the 1st message this person sent me). How can I know if I might want to collaborate if I don’t even know you or your company yet?

Don’t worry, there’s a solution!

Earlier this year, I created an entire program to help entrepreneurs & startups transform their LinkedIn profile into a powerful client-attraction tool.

Here’s a step-by-step approach to get you started:

Step 1: Craft a compelling profile

This is the foundation of your success. Your profile is your digital handshake with potential clients. First impressions matter, so make sure your profile is clear, concise, and speaks directly of the value you bring your target client.

  • Headline: A clear, concise headline that grabs attention and tells potential clients exactly what you do and who you help. For example, instead of “Marketing Consultant,” try “Growth Marketing Expert for SaaS Startups.”
  • Add in some action: Let’s say you’re a web developer specializing in e-commerce platforms. Your American audience might not understand “Bespoke Web Development.” (“Bespoke” is more British than American) Instead, a headline like “E-commerce Website Developer: Helping Businesses Increase Sales” is clear, concise, and speaks directly to your ideal client’s needs.
  • Summary / bio: Expand on your headline in your summary/bio section. Briefly explain your experience, expertise, and the specific value you offer American clients. Quantify your achievements whenever possible. Add in personality and storytelling too! Don’t be boring and “professional”.
  • Visually appealing: Use a professional headshot that showcases your personality. Your cover image should be high-quality and visually represent your brand or area of expertise. Like it or not, we often evaluate people based on the quality of their photo.

Step 2: Strategic content to attract & engage: 

Once your profile is optimized, it’s time to attract potential clients with valuable content.

  • Personality & uniqueness: Sharing generic content or simply translating existing content won’t resonate with American audiences. Trust me on this one. I’ve seen it so many times.
  • Content with impact: Focus on creating informative content relevant to your American ideal client’s needs and interests. Share industry trends, success stories of how you’ve helped similar businesses in the US, or offer practical tips and insights.
  • Post Regularly: Maintain consistent activity by sharing at least 2-3 times a week. You don’t need to post every day like I do, but you need to be regular. Regularity establishes you as a thought leader and keeps your profile top-of-mind for potential clients.

Step 3: Build relationships

This is the secret sauce to make LinkedIn work for you. Most people focus most of their efforts on posting. But the real magic happens in relationship-building.

So now that you have a compelling profile and are sharing valuable content, it’s time to build relationships with potential clients.

  • Targeted connections: Identify and connect with decision-makers at your ideal US companies. Utilize LinkedIn’s advanced search filters to target specific industries, job titles, and locations.
  • Personalized outreach: Send personalized connection requests that go beyond a simple “Hi, I love your work, let’s connect” Briefly introduce yourself, highlight the value you can bring to their business, and mention a specific element of their profile that caught your attention.
  • Engagement is key: Actively comment other professionals’ content, participate in relevant discussions, and answer questions in your area of expertise. This showcases your knowledge and positions you as a helpful resource.

By mastering these steps, you’ll transform your LinkedIn profile into a magnet for attracting high-value American clients.

You’ll establish yourself as a trusted advisor, build meaningful relationships, and ultimately achieve your dream of expanding your business into the US market.

That’s all for this week.

See you next Thursday!


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