How to have better conversations in English (Masterclass replay)

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Replay of Masterclass

Hi, how are things going today?

We had a GREAT live Masterclass yesterday! 🙂

Students loved it:

“Wow, that Q-Q-C technique makes it so easy to know how to manage conversations well in English!”
“I think I learned more in 30 minutes than in a year of traditional lessons.”
“Thank you for the Master lesson.  I enjoyed it so much. Now I am officially a new member of your course, and I’m so happy to have all your lessons!”

We went through 5 real spoken English tips:

  1. The FORD method, to always have something to talk about: Family, Occupation, Recreation, Dreams
  2. Specific questions that are PERFECT for each topic: (See the lesson slides for these questions)
  3. Smooth transitions to new topics:  “So anyway…”, “Hey, let me ask you a question…”
  4. How to keep the conversation flowing: Question #1 – Question #2 – Comment

> Including the exact phrases and questions you can use in these situations!

Do you want to learn all these secrets too?

Click here to download the slides from the lesson “How to have better conversations in English”

Some good news for you…

Even if you did not attend the Masterclass, you can still get the -50% off discount:

  • Immediate access to the complete course Successful Small Talk
  • Access to lesson #1 of American English: Confident Conversation Skills later this week (and all future lessons as I add them)
  • 2 months of Faster Fluency Conversation Club group conversation speaking practice

All of this for 395 euros only 197 euros.
This offer disappears next Wednesday, November 27th, so don’t wait.

Click here to get the course + speaking practice at -50% off 

You have one week left to see if the course + conversation practice is right for you.

Do you still have questions about the course American English: Confident Conversation Skills?

Please put your question in the comments, or send me an email. I’m happy to help you!

Note: the bonus mentioned in the replay was only available for students who attended the Masterclass live. I’m sorry you missed it, but I wanted to make sure you got the value of this free lesson 🙂

Have a great day,

See you,

PS: If you’re ready to feel confident in conversations in English and get more opportunities in your professional and personal life,  click here to get the course American English: Confident Conversation Skills + group conversation practice. 

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