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Something exciting is happening at Speak English with Christina, and I wanted you to be the first to know!

Next week, on Wednesday November 13th, I open enrollment for American English: Confident Conversation Skills my new online course that helps you become confident in small talk & networking conversations.

What is American English: Confident Conversation Skills?

American English: Confident Conversation Skills gives you vocabulary, expressions, conversation strategies, grammar, and American culture, so you feel confident and comfortable making conversation in English.

Every lesson will have an audio dialogue, script, video lessons, listening activities, grammar & vocabulary exercises, a speaking practice video, and correct answers for all activities.

You will become confident making conversations with colleagues, clients, and other people you meet, so you can express your true personality and feel free in English.

The lessons will be:

  • Lesson 1: You & Your Job
  • Lesson 2: Sharing Personal Information
  • Lesson 3: Talking Business Casually
  • Lesson 4: Meeting Visitors
  • Lesson 5: Coffee Talk
  • Lesson 6: Comparing Cultures
  • Lesson 7: Inviting Someone for a Meal
  • Lesson 8: Describing Food
  • Lesson 9: Dinner Conversation
  • Lesson 10: Talking About Movies
  • Lesson 11: Books & Storytelling
  • Lesson 12: Sensitive Topics
  • Lesson 13: Travel & Vacation
  • Lesson 14: Free Time Activities
  • Lesson 15: Visiting the City
  • Lesson 16: Starting a Conversation with a Stranger
  • Lesson 17: Joining a Group Conversation in Progress
  • Lesson 18: Understanding & Clarifying
  • Lesson 19: Ending a Conversation & Exiting Smoothly
  • Lesson 20: Cold Contacting Someone on Social Media
  • Lesson 21: Small Talk via Chat & Social Media
  • Lesson 22: “Friending” professionals on Social Media

Each lesson teaches you how to make conversation confidently on specific topics, in common social & professional situations, step by step.

You will not feel blocked in small talk conversations anymore!

The Experience of American English: Confident Conversation Skills

American English: Confident Conversation Skills is the new & improved version of the course Successful Small Talk. 

I know that you want concrete, practical lessons for real-life conversations.

And I know that you want lots of material for practicing.

That is why I am updating the content, making the course easier to use, and adding more lessons for you!

This is why we are changing the name from Successful Small Talk to American English: Confident Conversation Skills in English. It better reflects the updated activities that we will add.

Like with all of my courses, it is easy to complete the lessons, even if you do not have a lot of free time. You can do a part of each lesson in 20 minutes.

I design all of my courses to allow you to reach your goals, even if you are busy!

And if you want live speaking practice too, you will have that option.

When you join American English: Confident Conversation Skills, you get:

  • Immediate access to the previous version of the course (Successful Small Talk).
    It includes:
    – 15 audio dialogues & scripts, so you learn vocabulary and expressions in context
    – 15 video lessons, with clear explanations of vocabulary, conversation strategies, grammar, and US culture
    – 35 practical activities, to practice and test your knowledge, to help you remember everything
    – 15 interactive practice videos, to simulate real-world conversation practice
    – Downloadable slides, audio, transcripts, and corrections for each lesson
  • Immediate access to updated lesson #1 in the new version of the course, American English: Confident Conversation Skills
  • Access to all of the lessons I’ll add to the course during the next few months (I’ll add a new lesson to American English: Confident Conversation Skills every 2 weeks)
  • Options to add live speaking practice: group conversation or private tutoring, so you can practice using what you learn in the courses.

And you have access to both versions of the course for life!

Past Student Results

Students who completed the course had these results:

  • “Now, I always have small talk ideas I can use in conversations in English.”
  • “I speak with more confidence, and I am better at small talk in English AND my native language now!”
  • “I know how the conversations go, so I’m more comfortable. I am not afraid to try!”
  • “This is all about real life. I understand better, and conversations are more accessible for me.”
  • “I was shy, and even blocked in conversations. Now, I know I am not perfect, but I am not afraid. That is a big difference!”

Is this course for you?

You will LOVE American English: Confident Conversation Skills if you…

  • can read and understand English, but you still lack confidence in conversations
  • feel frustrated or disappointed because you do not feel like yourself when you speak English
  • want to feel more relaxed in English conversations and enjoy speaking to other people easily
  • Work with native speakers and/or foreigners. You can use the lessons in any international context!
  • Want to build your network, have more clients, and fit in better with your colleagues. Conversation is the foundation of good relationships!

Is this you?

If so, here are all the details you need:

  • What: Immediate access to Successful Small Talk. As we add updated lessons, you will also get them, in the updated version of the course, American English: Confident Conversation Skills. This is my program to give you the vocabulary, conversation strategies, and US culture you need to feel confident in small talk conversations
  • When: Enrollment opens Wednesday November 13 with a very special offer. Then the price increases and the free gifts disappear on Wednesday 27 November.
  • Who it is for: Pre-intermediate and Intermediate students who want to feel more confident in conversations and improve speaking skills and have more vocabulary for small talk conversations.
  • Where: Everything is online and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can be anywhere in the world!

A very special offer for you

To celebrate, I have a very special offer for you!

From November 13-27, you can get

  • immediate access to the complete course Successful Small Talk
  • Immediate access to lesson #1 of American English: Confident Conversation Skills (and ALL future lessons as I add them)

As a special celebration gift, you get 2 months of Faster Fluency Conversation Club group conversation speaking practice for FREE.

All of this for 395 euros only 197 euros.

I will warn you: On November 27th, this offer disappears.

If you have any questions about the course, please ask.

Ask your question in the comments, and I’ll help you!

I hope to see your name on the student list!
I think you will really love this one.

See you,

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