Improve your intonation in English to sound polite

improve your intonation in English

Improve your intonation in English to sound polite

Two cousins of mine  recently came to visit and stay with us for a week.

Theyd never been to France, dont speak a word of French, and had never met another French person (except Romain). I really enjoyed having them, but enjoyed even more observing the way they interacted and communicated with French people.

The difference in the way my American cousins speak English and the way my French friends speak English was HUGE (énorme). Of course, thats normal, but it made me realize the role that intonation plays when we speak English.

It wasnt so much (Ce n’était pas tellement) what they were saying, but they way they were saying it that told me if they really liked tasting escargot, or if they were just being polite.

Why is intonation so important in English?

In English, intonation communicates your message and emotion as much (if not more) (autant, si ce nest pas plus) than your words do.

For American ears, the French can (unintentionally) sound rude, just because of intonation.

It can be a major source of misunderstanding.

Just for fun, google “rude French”. Yes, there are THAT many (autant de) results

So its worth the effort to work on your intonation, especially if you work with native speakers, like Americans.

Since intonation and pronunciation are rarely covered in English lessons, I wanted to give you a simple yet powerful technique to sound more polite.

It will help you seem less rude, more friendly, and make communication smoother with your American colleagues.

Dont think that intonation is a detail reserved for advanced learners. As a colleague of mine who is an expert in phonology says Pronunciation and intonation arent the icing on the cake, they are the cake.(La prononciation et lintonation ne sont pas la cérise sur le gâteau, elles sont le gâteau.)

Does your intonation sound rude or polite?

Can you really improve your intonation in English?

Todays video is just one small step to boosting your English and the impression you give of yourself.

If you feel youre afraid that you give a bad impression, that others dont understand you, or that you dont know where to put stress and intonation when you speak, the site Pronuncian offers a few free exercises that you can help you.

If you want to really improve the way you speak, I also offer Personal Fluency Coaching, where we can focus on your pronunciation. Be sure to read what Manon had to say about her coaching with me. Click here to learn more.

Remember, the most important thing you can do to create good relationships is give the other person the impression that you respect them. So try the technique from today and see what happens.

Now, Id love to hear from you.

Did you know that intonation was SO important in English? Have you ever tried to improve your pronunciation in English?

Leave a comment below and let us know.

Thank you as always for reading, sharing and joining in!

Have a fantastic week in English,


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