Top 8 Irregular Verbs In English

verbes irréguliers anglais

Did you know that the 8 most common verbs in English are irregular verbs?

We won’t learn a long list like you probably did in middle school: go-went-gone, take-took-taken, do-did-done. No.

We are going to revise the 8 irregular verbs in English that are absolutely essential.

To help you learn these verbs easily, we will put them in context.

After all, no one ever says: “Yesterday, I go-went-gone … went to the movies with a friend”!

It’s better to tell a little story in the simple past tense, right?

So we will forget the 3 column table for the moment, and just concentrate on the past simple irregular verbs.

A story with the top 8 irregular verbs in English

Sorry I was absent yesterday.

I had a problem with my car.

I did everything I could.

But in the end, I just went to a garage.

The mechanic said he wanted to see my car.

He saw it and he immediately laughed.

It took me a minute to understand why.

But then I got what was so funny. I understood why he was laughing!

I could see that the problem was easy to solve…

…I needed to fill up the gas tank.

Just below the video, you will find a link to download the list and a little activity to tell us your own story.

Easy as pie!

Le Top 8 Des Verbes Irréguliers Anglais

So there’s my Top 8 list of irregular English verbs, in a nice little story!

And really, it’s not MY list, but a list from a study by researchers at Harvard university.

Now, if you’re thinking “Christina, it would be great if I could print these irregular verbs and put them on my bathroom mirror to study everyday”, you’re in luck!

You can download the list (plus 5 other English cheat sheets) by going to this page. Just enter your email to have instant access to all 6 cheat sheets.

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