Job Interview In English: What Are Your Weaknesses?

quels sont vos défauts

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Now, today’s episode: “What are your weaknesses?”

No, I’m not asking you this question. I consider you as a friend, and it would be strange if a friend started a conversation this way:

“Hey, Ben! How’s it going? What are your weaknesses?”

(Ben looks at you in a long, awkward silence then…” Wait, what?”)

In a job interview in English, the recruiter is not there to be your friend.

If you’re lucky, they might offer you a Nespresso (What else?) But the recruiter wants to know if you’re the right person for the job. NOT if you’re the right person to share a drink with on Thursday night.

So, sooner or later, you’re going to hear the question: What are your weaknesses ?

Here are some responses that will definitely NOT help you:
“Um, let’s see…I can be impatient with new employees. I wait until the last minute to finish projects. I don’t like when people tell me what to do. I don’t…” (Let’s stop there…)

This response has potential, but exactly as it is, it doesn’t make you look good. But…

This response can work in your favor, with a little magic from the “get the job fairy”.

In this episode, you’ll learn the English expressions to answer “What are your weaknesses?”, explain that you’re improving them, and give an awesome answer that will impress the recruiter.

What are your weaknesses?

Now, it’s your turn!
What’s your biggest weakness?

Take this opportunity to test your response in the comments, before you test it with a recruiter. (Because, even if your response isn’t perfect, I’ll still keep you here :-)

All the best to you,

P.S. Tu peux lire cet article en français en cliquant ici. 

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