Master U.S. LinkedIn Outreach: Strategies for European Entrepreneurs



In this week’s newsletter, we’re going to unlock the secrets to supercharging the growth of your U.S. network on Linkedin.

If you’re looking to engage with American prospects, knowing how to personalize your approach could make all the difference.​

Why is this important?

Personalized connection requests can dramatically increase your acceptance rates, helping you build meaningful relationships that lead to business opportunities.

Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs skip this step, opting for quick, generic messages that fail to stand out.

Or worse, bad automated messages (I made that mistake myself. Lesson learned!)

Personalization is the Key to Engagement

But here’s the thing – most people don’t take the time to:

  • Engage with prospects’ posts before reaching out
  • Add value to the conversation beforehand
  • Offer advice or ask questions that spark dialogue
  • Use shared connections as a springboard for conversation

Don’t worry, though! You can navigate these common pitfalls with ease.

Step #1: Leave a meaningful comment on your prospect’s post

Before sending a connection request, engage with a prospect’s post.

Comment with substance, perhaps offering insights or asking a thought-provoking question.​

This lays the groundwork for a connection that’s already warm.

Here’s How: Comment thoughtfully on a prospect’s post before sending a connection request.

Let me show you with a real example, from yesterday.

Here is someone I wanted to connect with: Benjamin Pik. He’s a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) who helps French companies who want to set up an office into the USA and vice versa. *

This is a post he shared yesterday.

And this is the comment I left on his post, before I sent him a direct message to connect.

Step 2: Send a contact request + personalized message immediately after you comment

When you send the message immediately after commenting, you have a chance of being fresh in your prospect’s mind when they see your contact request.

They check their notifications. They see you commented. Then they check their contact requests.

And like magic, there you are again! So you are not a total stranger.

Of course, include a personalized message in your contact request. You can also say in 1 line what you do, so the person has an idea.

Here’s the contact request message I sent:

As you see, this message worked. I got an appointment with Benjamin right away, and we’re going to meet on Monday! Yes!!​

Now, I don’t guarantee that this will work 100% of the time. I don’t know any strategy that does.

But it does work very often.

Direct Message (DM) Template

When you request a contact, here’s a simple but efficient template :

“Hi [name],
I saw your post about [post topic] & thought I’d reach out. I [what you do in just a few words]. I’d love to [what you want from them: a meeting, to connect on LinkedIn, etc.].
Looking forward to connecting,
[your name]​

Short, simple, clear, and to the point. Just the way Americans like their messages!

That’s all for this week.

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