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Small talk can be… painful.

Sometimes, every sentence takes effort. You don’t know what to say, and what to add. You know that you sound boring and uninteresting. You don’t want that!

Or worse: you panic, you say nothing, the other person feels uncomfortable and leaves.

Either way, the conversation dies. You lost an opportunity to create a connection.
And the worst thing is: You know that if you only had a little bit more time, you could really find interesting things to talk about!

Last Thursday we talked about social skills, how avoiding small talk can hurt you, the new goals you can reach after you master small talk, and how it will lead to success.

Today, let’s get specific: So how can you make small talk?

When you’re trying to make conversation in English, you might feel like your level isn’t enough.

You’re wrong! If you’re at least intermediate, you already have enough vocabulary to be understood.

(Of course you might ask about a specific word, or make grammar mistakes. But you know what? No one really cares about that if the conversation is flowing. That’s good news!)

What you really need is: confidence. If making small talk feels like hard work, how are you supposed to sound natural?

Don’t worry! Today you’re going to start changing that.

In today’s lesson, I’ll give you the techniques, reflexes and specific English sentences you can use. Get confident and charming!

This can be life-changing for professionals who want to make conversations easier, even when speaking English. It’s a road to success.

You can get the full breakdown of how to be better at small talk right now, in today’s lesson:

What you’ll find:

→ What matters (and what doesn’t) to make small talk
→ Exact words and specific sentences that will help you start and continue a conversation
→ The reflexes and techniques you can use to make small talk that’s smooth and natural

(Of course, making small talk can be difficult – but the hardest part still is *starting* a conversation. Next time, I’ll show you how to gain confidence and courage, so you’re not afraid to approach someone).

See you soon,


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