What is Master Real American English?

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Master real American English description

I’m super excited to announce that we’re starting a new virtual immersion coaching group, and I would love for you to join us!

Next week, on Wednesday January 15th, you can apply to join Master Real American English, my virtual immersion coaching program that helps you move from intermediate to advanced English.

What is Master Real American English?

Master Real American English is a 3-month virtual immersion program that helps you think in English, speak more easily, and improve quickly so you have a better image of yourself when you speak English.

It teaches you to become confident and comfortable speaking English in professional situations that you experience in your life.

After completing the program, you will be more easy-going in conversations and professional situations like presentations, phone calls, and conferences. You will feel calm and composed in English, because you know that you can handle the situations.

The Experience of Master Real American English

In the Master Real American English virtual immersion coaching program, we “attack” your English from all angles, so you improve all aspects of spoken English. 

I know that you want to feel more confident when you listen and speak, to feel less tense, to not be afraid of misunderstanding.

And I know that you want someone to help you and guide you as you accomplish this, so that you feel 100% sure about yourself.

That is why I created this live coaching program, to ensure you progress as quickly as possible, in the right way.

Like all of my programs, Master Real American English is designed for busy professionals who need results as efficiently as possible.

With a structured schedule, flexible teachers, and personalized help, I guarantee that you will improve a lot in a short time.

What’s included in the program

Concretely, Master Real American English includes:

  • A “before” evaluation with me, to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and objectives. We make a video of your evaluation, so you can compare it with your evaluation at the end of the program!
  • A 30-minute individual lesson each week, with an Expert Teacher from my team. You get more vocabulary, more correct grammar, and better pronunciation.
  • A 1-hour small group coaching session each week with a business communication coach. You learn to communicate with more nuance, clear structures, and more confidence.
  • 1 to 4 hours of group conversation practice each week, in my Faster Fluency Conversation Club. You increase your fluency and feel comfortable in everyday conversations with strangers of many nationalities.
  • Lifetime access to the online course Understand Real American English, to feel comfortable in conversations with native speakers who talk fast.
  • An “after” evaluation with me, to see all the progress you made, and compare your results with your “before” evaluation

Results from past students

Here are things some students said after they completed this program:

  • “Before, I was completely scared to speak English. Now, before an event, even if I didn’t practice my speech, I know I can do it.”
  • “I realized that I don’t have to speak perfect English to be fluent. Now, I don’t block about mistakes, and it’s very liberating! I feel free in English now when I speak, even if it’s not perfect.”
  • “I’m totally ok to speak in English now, which was not the case before. I was very shy. But now, I like to speak to people at conferences, at parties, at a dinner… It’s fantastic for me!”
  • “I use English in my work, and now if I need to call someone for work, I’m not so scared to use the telephone in English. This is a great achievement for me because it makes my work easier and faster.”
  • “I wanted to learn what I was doing wrong with my pronunciation and conversation. I recently moved to the USA and had problems communicating. But now, I definitely feel more confident and become friends with work colleagues more easily.”

How to join the program

Because this is a live coaching program, I can only accept a small number of students. You must apply to join the program.

On Wednesday, January 15th, I will send you an application form to complete, if you are interested in this program.

Then, my team and I will look at your answers. If you qualify for the program, we will invite you to schedule a free pre-enrollment consultation with me.

I will answer any final questions you have about the program, verify that your level is ok for the program, and we will enroll you in the program if it is right for you!

Is this program for you?

You will LOVE Master Real American English if you…

  • can communicate in English, but need to feel more comfortable doing it
  • are confident about your professional expertise, but want to feel more powerful when you work in English
  • want to improve your communication and networking skills at the same time as your English
  • have a “top performer” mindset: No excuses, you are ready to do the work to reach your goals
  • know that you can do better than your current situation, and are ready to take action to change things, for real

Is this you?

If so, here are the details you need:

  • What: Membership in my Master Real American English virtual immersion coaching program
  • When: Applications are open Wednesday January 15th-Tuesday January 28th, 2020. The program starts on Monday February 10th and finishes Friday May 15th.
  • Who it is for: Professionals who work in international or native-speaker environments, who have an intermediate level of English, and want to reach a more advanced level in 3 months
  • Where: Everything is online. You can be anywhere in the world!

Payment options

To enroll in the program, you will have 2 payment options:
3 monthly payments of 766 euros each, OR
1 single payment of 1798 euros (and you save 500 euros on the total price)

You can make secure payments online, or by bank transfer. We will discuss this in your pre-enrollment consultation.

If you are interested, but have a question, reply to this email and I or Marica (our fantastic Head of Student Relations), will help you!

I hope to see your name on the application form next week!

You’ll love this program! Past students have said it is phenomenal.

See you then,

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