Master spoken English: What you need to know

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Master spoken English

Students often ask me “How can I speak English like I speak my native language?”

So often, students feel like their level of English doesn’t reflect the years they have spent learning English.

After 10 years (or more) something is still missing…

Maybe you have taken courses in the past, but you still lack confidence and smooth speaking.

You feel shy and not credible when talking to your boss (who has a good level of English).

When you try to speak in English, like in meetings with American colleagues, you block and can’t express your ideas completely.

Is this familiar?

If you said “yes”, you’re not alone!

The good news is that we can solve these problems together!

And today, we will see what how to get an advanced level of English. Mindset is very important!

We’ll look at:

  • The importance of having the right mindset when advancing in English
  • 3 struggles that are blocking you from reaching advanced fluency
  • Why it’s normal that you feel like you’re not advancing fast enough
  • 5 immediate changes that you can make to sound more advanced right now

Have a pen and paper with you, so you can note those 5 concrete changes!

After you watch this lesson tell me:

What is the biggest challenge that is stopping you from mastering spoken English right now?

Tomorrow, I’ll send you clear information about my program Master Real American English, and how my team and me can personally guide you to more confident, advanced English.

Then, on Tuesday, I’ll send you Part 3 of the mini-course, on how to create the right conditions to reach advanced English with a virtual immersion.

This is going to be a great journey together!

See you tomorrow,

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