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New Year 2022

Happy 2022 to you!

Let’s hope that this year will be a good one, where we all finally return to normal! Even if we can’t control what’s happening with Covid, at least we can decide on our mindset, how we manage our lives, and how we deal with the situation. 

All of that may take extra work and support, but I’m confident that we can make 2022 a great year together! 

During the holidays I was very fortunate to return home to visit my family. I hadn’t seen them in 2 years! 

It was great to be home, to spend time with my sister and her family, and with my parents, and reunite with my 3 best friends from high school.

I must say that I’m feeling very thankful for all of that, and it has given me a boost of energy to start 2022 with lots of energy, focus, and optimism. 

To wish you a happy new year, this week, there’s a special guest in the video: My mom! 

I was preparing to shoot my video at my parents’ house, and she decided to join me at the last minute. So it’s a short & spontaneous video, but it comes from our hearts! 

If you don’t use it, you lose it. So here’s how you can use what you learned today! 

I would sincerely know what YOUR wishes are for 2022. 

Please share in the comments with us:  

What do you wish for all of us in this new year? 

I can’t wait to read your responses, because I know that together, we’ll create lots of positive energy and excitement for the coming year. And I think we all need that this year! 

All the best to you, 
Christina, and all the Business English with Christina family

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