Phrasal verbs in Business English: Check it out

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As you may imagine, small talk in Business English is important!

Sure, you talk about work with your colleagues and clients.
But you probably talk about other aspects of your life too–like your favorite Netflix series!

Taking an interest in other people you work with shows them you value them as a whole person.

And, you can learn some great Business English phrasal verbs during small talk.  Like…

“Check it out.”

This kind of phrasal verb will make you sound natural, fluent, and advanced in Business English conversations.

You have probably already noticed: native English speakers use phrasal verbs–a lot!
So every phrasal verb you learn will help you understand native English speakers better.

There’s a tiny trick to using it correctly–so that you can also feel confident.  We’ll talk about that today.

Remember, the best way to achieve your big Business English goals:

focus on the small steps.

Are you ready to take one more step towards being confident in your Business English?


1. Everyday English Phrasal Verb: Check it out

2. Advanced Business English Phrasal Verb: Check it out

3. Advanced Business English: Using “Check it out” correctly!

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1. Everyday English Phrasal Verb: Check it out

Let’s look closely at this essential phrasal verb.

Then, you can add it to the list of Business English expressions that you can use confidently. Your list is growing!

Imagine you are having coffee with an English-speaking colleague and you tell her about your favorite Netflix series.  She replies:

“I’ll have to check it out!”

Could you guess what it means when you’re talking about TV shows?

It means “watch and see if you like it.”

2. Advanced Business English Phrasal Verb: Check it out

But in Business English, “check it out” can have some other meanings. Can you understand what it means in these business situations?
“There’s a problem with the machine… Can you check it out today?”

“I think there’s a mistake on the invoice, but I’ll check it out tomorrow.”

Business English meaning of “to check it out”:

to investigate, to look carefully at something, usually because you need to solve a problem or get information

Want to hear “check it out” and other phrasal verbs in context, in an unscripted conversation between native speakers?

Check out the Faster Fluency Conversation Club podcast episode “Netflix Night!”

3. Advanced Business English: Using “Check it out” correctly!

If you are here on this blog, you are taking small, consistent steps toward feeling confident in Business English. I imagine that is important to you. And I imagine that you want to know how to use this new expression.
Let’s look at what a native English speaker might say:

  • Can you check out the problem?
  • Can you check the problem out?
  • Did you check out the mistake?
  • Did you check the mistake out?

Notice where a native English speaker puts the noun (problem, or mistake).

You have two options:

  • Between the two parts of the phrasal verb, like a sandwich: CHECK the problem OUT
  • Or at the end: CHECK OUT the problem.

But if you use a pronoun like ‘it’ or ‘them’ instead of problem or mistake…

There’s only one correct order you can use:

  • Check it out.
  • Check them out.

Put the pronoun (it, them…) between the two parts of the phrasal verb. Sandwich it: CHECK it OUT!

Of course, if you want to use your new phrasal verbs with confidence, you’ll need to practice this often and in a few different ways.

That’s why I’ve made you a video with the examples–and a quiz at the end.

Practicing step by step in a smart and effective way is the best way to become confident in your Business English.

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Take the next step: Improve your English in the comments

The best way to become more confident using Business English is to practice!

Here’s your weekly challenge for this week, for general AND Business English:

  1. In the comments, share with us a series, TV show or podcast you want us to check out.
  2. Then, think of a problem you need to solve in a professional situation…and ask an imaginary coworker to check it out!

If you learned something from this lesson, please share it with your coworkers & friends. You can send your message to them in English for more practice!

I would appreciate it!

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