How to stop feeling uncomfortable speaking English, with Faster Fluency Conversation Club

stop feeling uncomfortable in English

You can watch a ton of movies in English, and still feel uncomfortable speaking. When you need to talk to a client, for example. Or when you have a meeting in English.

Let’s see how you can stop feeling uncomfortable when speaking English, with the Faster Fluency Conversation Club. 


1. Stop feeling uncomfortable in English: where does it come from?

2. Faster Fluency Conversation Club: flexible hours, structured lessons, and a lot of fun practice

1. Feeling uncomfortable in English: Where does it come from?

When you’re managing a business with American clients, or English-speaking contacts, you want to feel good about yourself when you’re speaking. Or else you’re going to feel like an awkward child, with limited vocabulary and no confidence!

You can lose all your professional credibility when switching to English.

That’s too bad!

When I was teaching English in French companies, I could work with business executives who had impressive conversation and negotiation skills in their own language. Well, even them often lost their whole advantage in English, where younger associates who grew up with Netflix and Erasmus could sound more confident and comfortable.

To stop feeling uncomfortable in English, the best solution is regular, structured practice:

  • With interesting people
  • In a friendly environment
  • Whenever you need it

And that’s exactly what you’ll get with the Faster Fluency Conversation Club.

2. Faster Fluency Conversation Club: flexible hours, structured lessons, and a lot of fun practice

With the Faster Fluency Conversation Club, you can start practicing with a lot of people, such as:

    • A Polish engineer
    • A French business executive
    • A Brazilian company owner…

So you get access to a wide variety of accents and culture – just like in the real business world, where people use English to communicate all over the globe.

After a few sessions, English conversation will stop being a Big Deal. You won’t be “afraid” of talking English – since you do it regularly now.
With enough practice, English conversation will just become “something that you do”!

The Faster Fluency Conversation Club is all online. And it’s flexible. You can practice your English whenever you’re available: at home, in your office, or from any hotel room during a business trip. You choose, and you get results even with your busy schedule.

You’ll get to talk to great people from all around the world, and it’s not just a practice group! You’ll also get a structured program of lessons, and feedback from an expert teacher. So you can both learn and practice what you learn, and learn from your mistakes.

You can become part of a group, enjoy learning with and from members of the Club, and improve your English.

Soon, you’ll be able to fluently socialize and comfortably make small talk with your coworkers and friends, whether they’re American, Indian, or any nationality, really!

You’ll get better opportunities when you’re not afraid of talking anymore and being yourself in English. You don’t need perfect grammar, because you’ll have new confidence and ease.

Click here to find more about the Faster Fluency Conversation Club.

As a special welcome for new members, I’ll give you 40% off your first month of membership.

Click here if you’d like to join.

I’ll see you over there!

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