La prononciation de “whuduhya” et “whutchya”, à l’accent américain

American pronunciation lessons

This past weekend, I was in Autrans with some teacher friends and we were playing a game called Bananagrams.

Its a word game (like Scrabble, but way more (beaucoup plus) fun!), so Im sure you can imagine that we English teachers were having a blast (samuser comme des fous)/

As we were playing, I laid down (jai placé) the word Totem.

Jane, a British friend asked me what word I had.

Todem.I said, with my American accent.

Thats not a word. Totem is, but not todem!(The difference is in the pronunciationtry it!)

Thats what I said to-Tem, I replied, trying to do my best British accent.

Clearly, my American accent meant that British Jane didnt understand what I said. And we speak the same language!

If youve ever had problems understanding your American colleagues, perhaps you thought that it was because English is not your native language.

But in fact, it can also be due to their American accent.

I dont have to tell you that Americans dont always articulate and that it sometimes (ok, often) sounds like (donne limpression) all the sounds run together.

Its so frustrating, especially when you know that your English is decent.

But it doesnt have to be so difficult, if youve got some of the secretsto understanding the American accent.

Of course, I cant give you all the secrets at once, but this weeks episode of SBFG TV shows you how to understand some VERY common expressions: What are you…” and What do you…”.

Its one very useful secret. 🙂

Dont let the simplicity of the written structures fool you (Ne laissez pas la simplicité des structures écrites vous tromper). When you read them, theyre extremely simple. When you hear themwell, thats where it gets complicated.

This weeks episode will greatly help you better understand your American colleagues.

Comprendre l'Accent Américain : "Whuduhya" - How To Understand The American Accent

So, whuduhya think?

Id love to hear from you. Did this video help you? Have you heard your American colleagues talk like this?

Leave a comment below and let us know.

You know, thousands of other French-speaking professionals come to SBFG to boost their English and boost their career. Share your story and join the conversation! After all, we can all learn from each other!

Thank you as always for reading, sharing and joining in!

Have a fantastic week in English,



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