[Part 1] You can reach an “advanced” level in English. Here’s how.

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Learning a language is exciting – in the beginning.

But when you no longer have to think before saying “Hi how are you?” and you’re not too afraid of “easy” conversations, you hit a wall.

Many students share this feeling:

“What should I do now? I want to have the same advanced English level as my colleagues, clients, and my boss… But I don’t know what to do!”

Here’s a secret: there is a way…

Now, I’m not going to tell you the standard advice. You know, the thing everyone tells themselves: “I just need to move to an English-speaking country. I need to go on an immersion.” 

Yes, that sounds like a good plan… But often, it’s not. Why?

If you say it’s the solution and then don’t do it, it’s not a solution: it’s an excuse. 

If you’ve hit a wall with your English, you need a plan that gives you the results you want: An advanced English level that gives you confidence, credibility, charisma, for example.

There’s good news: You can create your own immersion, right now. 

This month, I’ve created a special mini-course for you: “Achieving advanced English through virtual immersion”

It starts today!

With your own virtual immersion, you’ll see that you can finally achieve what you really want, for your situation, your goals, and your career.

To really make it work, you’ll attack the problem from all different angles in a systematic way. It’s a real way to progress faster and better.

So, what is a virtual immersion, exactly? How does it make you progress faster and better?

That’s what we’ll look at in Part 1 of our special mini-course!

You’ll see that this can be a powerful approach! And maybe you’re already using some things that will be good to integrate into your Virtual Immersion program! 

Let’s find out… 

Tell me, what resources & activities are you using to improve your English? How do they help you? 

And in our next lesson, we’ll look at how to be sure you’re consistent with your program (because that is SO important for your success). 

See you on Thursday, 


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