How to Answer “Tell me about yourself” in an English Job Interview

how to answer tell me about yourself

Nervous about your job interview in English?

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This week, we’ve got a special guest: Jean-Claude Dumont, who is looking for a job and who clearly needs help on how to answer. Tell me about yourself.

If you are subscribed to the Speak English with Christina blog, you want to boost your career. For this, a stressful exercise – the job interview – remains the most common practice.

Even though in your current position you don’t practice English, we both know that the sentences “English required”, “English mandatory” or “English proficiency required” are in ALL the announcements you will read.

Today, I want to help you prepare your interview in English so you won’t be nervous while you wait for the recruiter.

Even if your English is a little rusty, even if your vocabulary is not as rich as you would like, you can still impress the recruiter from the start with a solid answer to the most common question: Tell me about yourself.

Yes, I know, technically speaking, Tell me about yourself is not a “question” but rather an invitation (or an order, if you prefer…)

You’ll learn how to incorporate storytelling elements into your answer, even if you’re not totally fluent in English.

Answering 'Tell me about yourself' in a Job Interview – English Speaking

What about you?

How would you answer this question in English?

Try to use the structure in the video, and leave your answer in the comments below.

This is a perfect opportunity to practice!

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And of course, have a great week in English,


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