Inspiring stories from students in my Business English Mastery Virtual Immersion

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What if you could speak English the way YOU want to.

Do you have a dream for your English and your career? Maybe even a deep, secret dream that you don’t tell anyone else about.

My clients share their dreams with me:  they want a position that will soon be available in their company, with a better salary.

They want to start their OWN business and get international clients. They want to stop feeling inferior to their boss or colleagues, who have a great level of English.

Those quiet dreams are why they want to change their English.

In today’s blog post, you can read all about their stories. And I hope they will inspire you to keep working towards your dream for your English–and your career.

But there’s something even more inspiring than reading the blog post.

You might want to watch the video and listen these real people tell their English success stories.

Did you know, all of the inspiring people in this video completed Business English Mastery?

It’s my most popular virtual immersion program designed just for busy professionals who are going places with their English.


1. What does changing your English feel like? AFTER Business English Mastery.
2. What it feels like BEFORE you change your English: doubts, frustration, and feeling stuck.
3. When you find the right program for you–dare to try it!
4.  What it feels like to be a “New You” in English (+my message for you).

1. What does changing your English feel like?

It’s different for everyone, but it’s always a great feeling when it happens.  Here is how some of my clients felt after they completed Business English Mastery–and changed their English.

“I can speak English, and I go to conquer the world with my English!” –Lucie

“I was like wow. Well done” –Jasmina

“It’s convenient to say ‘I can do it” and you don’t have to be afraid of speaking English.” –Romain H.

“This experience was magic for me!” –Jean-Thierry

“I’m kind of proud, and I’m happy to see I improved!” –Cedric

Sounds great, right? But…did you feel a little…stressed when you heard those people talking?

You know–maybe you had one of those nagging feelings.
Maybe you’re thinking…
Ok, they did it. But maybe they have lots of time, or they use English every day already, or they moved to another country for a year…

It’s really normal to have doubts. Or to feel like you can’t do it. Especially if you’ve been trying to change your English for a long time.

But…the people in this story weren’t always so confident.

2. What it feels like BEFORE you change your English…

You might be thinking..
I’ve tried everything already and it didn’t work.
And so you feel like maybe you’re stuck with the English level you have–a lot of people I know have felt that way.

“It was not to win because my level was very bad, and I was scared to speak English.” –Jean-Thierry

“Before the program, it was impossible for me, and now it’s ok, I’m not perfect, but I can speak of my work, I can explain my work.” –Lucie

“I really need to improve my English. It was a long time I was stuck on my level.” –Cyril

“It’s hard to speak in another language, so when I started the program, I felt really uncomfortable.” –Cedric

“I know that one year ago, I would be totally afraid of speaking English” Romain H.

And you know what? A lot of them even had a ‘deciding moment.’
A moment where they KNEW they had to fix their English:

“I had an opportunity in my company and in this job application, a good level of English is needed.”–Cedric

“In one meeting, they ask you something…I have been in this situation and it’s awkward for me”–Robmary

But here’s the thing: All those people you just heard were stuck too. Until they made a decision. They decided they COULD change their English–with the right help.

And they discovered a Business English program that was like nothing they’d ever tried before: Business English Mastery.

Sometimes there’s a moment, an event that makes you realize you have to do something…

And if you’re really lucky, you seize this moment to say “I know I have to do something… And I WILL do something”. Because you know that you can’t continue to wait.

3. When you find the right program for you–dare to try it!

That’s exactly what the people you just read about did. They decided to do something–and they knew it had to be something new–not just the ‘same thing’ they’d already tried.
They needed something different, effective.

They joined my Virtual Immersion program Business English Mastery.

They decided they wanted to say “no” to being uncomfortable in English and “yes” to their dreams for their careers and their life.

They knew they needed something different. They knew they needed structured help. They needed someone to help them find a smart way to be consistent with their English.

They needed a team to support and guide them–expert teachers, a business communication coach.

“I hesitated before joining, but new experience…it’s something different.” –Romina

“First is to….have a habit with the English. How to schedule the agenda to prepare to study by yourself. Also your program allows…me to speak freely English. We are afraid to make mistakes…: –Carlos

“It was something different.. Different classes & coaching, customized coaching, very nice because I was able to work what I really want to do, perfect”–Neil

That’s why I created the program Business English Mastery, to help smart, busy professionals–like you reach their English goals and their business goals.  It’s my passion. And my team of expert teachers and business communication coaches are also passionate about helping you.

And that personal touch, that human experience, the connection with your teachers, and the other international professionals and business owners, it makes a huge difference in how well you learn.

“To me it was made like it was tailored to me.” –Cedric

“I’m so happy to practice with Matthew also with Karen, my coach… in the session every Wednesday. The materials that you shared are important for me…you shared interesting tips and such articles that you can use to improve your English quickly.” –Carlos

“Individual lessons so we can exactly say what’s the problem in our English and the teacher is trying to solve really concrete problems, and you can decide what you want to work, what subjects.” –Amandine

“For me, compared to all the stuff you can have from the web, it’s clearly the face to face. Having someone who can correct you in live is better than anything else.” –Bouziane

“The teachers were so encouraging that I didn’t feel guilty about speaking English.” –Paule

4. What it feels like to be a “New You” in English (+my message for you).

And at the end, each participant of Business English Mastery became a new version of themselves in English. 

“Right now, I think I have this confidence I need to speak, and it’s not a problem if I want to speak in English.” –Stéphane H.

“Some companies contacted me for new opportunities, companies offered me an international job.” –Jean-Thierry

“To be more confident, I agree with your message. I just needed to be more confident speaking.” –Amandine

“I’m not afraid to speak by phone with other people in English. –Cyril

Finally, they have a message for YOU, if you’re asking yourself “Will this program work for me too?”

“I want to say to people who are hesitating to join, it’s safe, you can make mistakes, it’s not judgmental, and you have a good environment.” –Cedric

“It’s really complete, very beautiful package and interesting support.” –Cyril

“I’m very happy to work with your teachers and that’s why I advised my friends, my colleagues, to join this program because if you want to improve your English and open new opportunities, try BEM and adopt this program.” –Jean-Thierry

“I’m very, very grateful for this program. And I encourage people to enroll in your program because really you can make lots of progress that you can’t imagine, you know. You think “working every day a little bit… you don’t work…” And it works. It’s really worth it.”–Zan

“I would recommend this program for everybody because the program provides a lot of resources for the people that want to improve their English. If you are a person who can speak, listen read, and write in English it’s a good program and it will improve your skills in a short time.” –Carlos

“You have a great group and coaches. It’s really helpful to be more confident, and you never judge the wrong way. You have the kindness to let us take our time. It’s important that we try to build this human connection in our improvement. This is really important to do business too.”–Stéphane H

Are you ready to create new opportunities for yourself?

Are you ready to surround yourself with people who lift you up, push you, and change your English forever? Then I invite you to join my Virtual Immersion Business English Mastery. Enrollments are open until Thursday, June 2nd.  

With the right people and the right program, I know you can do this.

Take the next step: Improve your English in the comments

The best way to become more confident using Business English is to practice! 

Here’s your Confidence Challenge for this week: 

Many of our Business English Mastery clients tell us they learn to be really effective studying just 15 minutes a day on their own. When could you add 15 minutes of English practice into your schedule?
Tell us about it in the comments below. 

If you learned something from this lesson, please share it with your coworkers & friends. You can send your message to them in English for more practice! 

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