Tell me about yourself: Make instant good impressions in English

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Last night, some of the best Speak English Ambassadors joined me for a special live master class: “Tell me about yourself: How to make instant good impressions in English.”

It’s always a great pleasure to get together with you guys live, to see you, to talk to you, and to answer your questions in real time.

Like I said in the class, you become a much better person if you surround yourself with the right people, and for me, that includes great, motivated students who want to improve their English and improve their careers. Thanks for being there!

Did you miss the live event?

If you missed the event (it was limited to 50 people, and it filled up quickly!), don’t worry. I made this special recording for you.

It’s not always easy to attend live events, but this lesson is so practical and has so many tips that you can use immediately. I wanted you to have the lesson, even if you couldn’t join us live.

Introduce yourself in conversations, interviews, and meetings

In this lesson, you learn to structure your introduction so that you’re clear and easy to understand.

You learn exactly what to say, so that your English is correct and the other person’s first impression is that you speak good English.

Unfortunately, we often judge your level of competence based on how well you speak English. Sure, you do your job well. You know your subject!  But if your English is poor, people have a tendency to think that your professional competence is poor too. It’s not fair, but that’s they way it is.

That’s why this lesson is SO important for your business English.

Get The Job

In the lesson, you learn how to introduce yourself naturally and correctly in 3 professional situations:

  • Networking conversations (6:30)
  • Interviews (10:53)
  • Meetings (16:38)

You’ll also see how the Get The Job course gives you better confidence and better fluency if

  • you lack vocabulary for talking about your career
  • you don’t know how to convince others that you’re the right person for the job or project
  • you feel blocked when speaking English in stressful, high-stakes situations like interviews or meetings with clients

New students are already improving their business English with GTJ

After the live event, several new students joined Get The Job, to become more fluent and comfortable in business English!  I’m so excited to welcome them into my elite group of students!

You have until Friday Nov. 17th, 2017 to join them! Click here for more information.

See you in the course,


P.S. The Conf Call Confidence Pack and the Ultimate Guide to a Perfect CV in English were only available until midnight Nov. 13th. But you have until Nov. 17th to join the Coaching Pack for 3 months of live sessions with me, and to get the other bonuses I present in the lesson.


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