Linkwords, phrasal verbs, and American slang [Summer School Revision]

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Tricky aspects of English revision

Vocabulary, vocabulary, vocabulary!

Everyone always wants more English vocabulary, and they’re right! Vocabulary is the building blocks of language.

You need it to construct your message, just like you need bricks to build a school.

For our final Summer School Revision, let’s build your vocabulary!

4 Phrasal Verbs with “Get”

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Sometimes, it feels like the list of expressions with “get” is endless: “get to”, “get across”, “get on with”, “get around”, etc…

Have you ever thought “There are so many phrasal verbs with get + preposition that I don’t know!”

You’re not alone! It’s true that native speakers use expressions like this all the time.

So let’s revise them

When you add these phrasal verbs with “get” to your English, you’ll start to sound more natural.

3 Useful Linking Words to Level Up Your English

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Sometimes you feel stuck with your English, like your sentences are more basic than you’d like.

A lot of times, I tell you “Don’t worry, it’s better to use short, simple sentences and be understood.” And a lot of times, that IS perfectly fine.

But sometimes, you just want to speak English that is more advanced, and more sophisticated.

These 3 linkwords help you do that.

Connect your ideas, add emphasis, and be more nuanced with the language. That’s the aim of this episode!

5 Everyday Expressions You (Probably) Never Learned in School

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I ain’t gotta tell you that sometimes Americans use expressions that you never learned in school.

Like that first one “I ain’t gotta.” Can you guess what it is in “correct” English?

“I don’t have to.” Yep. If you have everyday conversations, you may hear “incorrect” English, unfamiliar grammar structures, and new vocabulary.

It’s better be familiar with them!

This was one of my favorite episodes to make, because the vocabulary all came from Speak English Ambassadors!

We have an expression in English: “If you don’t use it, you lose it”

Basically, without practice, and using your English (or any skill), you lose the habit of doing it.

For vocabulary, it’s the same.

If you want new vocabulary to stick in your head and be easy to use in conversation, you have to use it in conversation!

In other words, you need practice.

Do you remember the Faster Fluency Conversation Club I told you about earlier this month?

Well, we’ve gotten lots of questions about it, so we’re repeating this offer by popular demand. That way you can decide if it’s right for you.

This Club makes it easy practice regularly, and because you get a Conversation Guidebook and exercises, you learn new vocabulary each week!

New vocabulary + regular practice = more confidence in English conversations.

And the Faster Fluency Conversation Club starts next week, with 3-4 sessions a week every month, and at half the previous price.

I know, it sounds almost too good to be true, but it IS true.

Click here for all the details, and how to join the club

See you,


P.S. If you have any questions, just write to Marica, my assistant at She’ll be happy to answer your questions.

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