Understand real, fast conversations [Summer School Revision]

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When you’re not struggling to catch the words in a conversation, when you can just listen, understand, and feel comfortable, your life in English becomes richer.

Even as the conversation becomes more animated, or deeper, and Americans speak fast with colloquial expressions, you feel excited that you can follow.

Even better, you don’t even notice, because you’re just understanding as you would in your native language. It’s easy. You feel “Hey, I can do this!”, not ashamed, frustrated, or lost because you can’t follow.

These 3 episodes will help you move closer to that feeling, by improving your comprehension and your pronunciation.

6 Secrets to Understand Fast-Talking Americans

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If you watch American series, live in the US, or work with Americans, I’m sure you’ve already noticed that Americans don’t articulate clearly.

Real-world English sounds VERY different from the English you learned in school.

In real conversations, the English is fast. It’s hard to understand. You wished subtitles in real time for live conversations existed…for now, it’s better to simply train your ear!

While waiting for Elon Musk to invent real-time, real-life subtitles, brush up on these tips for understanding fast-talking Americans.

When You Don’t Understand the Questions After Your Presentations

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We’ve all experienced that uncomfortable feeling at the end of a presentation: not understanding the questions.

After all, you can prepare your presentation. You can anticipate the questions. You can practice. But you can’t control how fast people speak when they ask questions at the end.

They might have a strong American accent. They might not articulate. They might not be clear. And you don’t want to look bad at the end of your presentation!

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Get 3 techniques we native speakers use to stay calm and professional, even when you don’t understand the questions.

Secrets to Improve Your American English Pronunciation

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Often students ask how to improve their accent because they feel embarrassed about it.

This makes me sad, because you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about your accent. Speaking with an accent means that you speak more than one language, and that’s pretty awesome.

But sure, maybe you want to improve the way you sound, and pronunciation revision is always a good idea!

Get the rhythm of American English pronunciation with these 3 tips that can make a big difference in the way you sound.

It’s funny how real-world English is different from the English you study.

Even if you’ve studied English for 10 years,  it can be hard to understand real American English conversations about food, movies, the weather, future projects...

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Continuing with our special Summer School Revision surprises, we’re opening access to the course Understand Real American English.

It’s the most popular course at Speak English with Christina, and for you *|FNAME|*, it’s open for the next 4 days

Click here to see how it helps you decode fast conversations in English.

When we closed this course in June, several students wrote to say they wanted to join but missed the deadline. So here’s a special chance to get the course this week!

Like with all my courses, you have access for life. I want to help you build good long-term habits, and that includes coming back to revise regularly.

Want to try a full lesson first? Go here.

But like I said, the course is available only until Friday August 24 , so don’t miss it!

Have fun,


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