How Understand Real American English teaches you to understand real conversations

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URAE sample lesson guided tour

When I talk to students, they often say that they watch movies in English to train their ear to understand native English.

My response: “No, what are you really doing to understand better?”

Honestly, if your strategy for understanding English better is to watch movies, it’s not really a strategy.
(Students make this mistake all the time!)

Yes, watching movies is fun, but it’s almost useless for learning to understand REAL spoken English!

Movies have a storyline. They are written to be engaging and entertaining. Real world conversations are not.

The conversations in the Understand Real American English Course are all authentic. That’s why they truly train you to understand real conversations.

Does “Understand Real American English” really work?

In the complete sample lesson from the URAE Course, you went through 3 essential steps:

  1. Listening to authentic conversations (the conversation video)
  2. Following explanations from a teacher (the video lessons with me)
  3. Training your ear (the audio exercises)

But maybe you ask yourself “Does this approach really work?”

Here’s what Dominique, a student from France said about the URAE Course:
“With the Understand Real American English course, I quickly understood the way American people shorten sentences and truncate words. This course was very helpful in my conversations with my American friends.

Before, I was hesitating when speaking and had some difficulties with the everyday American language the way it’s spoken in real life so different in the real life of every day. I didn’t have any problems with writing and reading, but speaking and especially understanding were so difficult.

Today, my most significant progress is in phone calls, I really understand 90% of what Americans say now, thanks to your course and the confidence it gave me.”

Many other students had similar results… I’ll share those with you tomorrow.
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How the URAE system teaches you to understand real conversations

You work with authentic, unscripted conversations
If you want to understand real, unscripted conversations, you need to practice with… real, unscripted conversations (like the conversations in the Understand Real American English course).

This is the first step.

But just listening, listening, listening is not sufficient. You need to DO something next…

You get explanations of unscripted conversations
Authentic conversations are messy. Americans don’t articulate. They use colloquial and slang expressions. They talk like they have a hot potato in their mouth.

It’s very difficult to decode all of this alone.

There’s an approach that is quicker, easier, and more reliable: Let a teacher decode the conversation for you.

A teacher can explain the slang expressions & idioms. A teacher can explain the “strange” sounds. A teacher can accelerate your understanding. This is exactly what I do in the lessons of the URAE course.

That’s MUCH faster, and more correct than trying to do it yourself.

You train your ear, intentionally

Finally, you have to train your ear to hear the sounds and understand them immediately, just like in your native language.

This step is essential.

That’s why the Understand Real American English Course includes activities to train your ear to catch the sounds of fast conversations.

Then, you can then “practice” by listening to authentic spoken English, like podcasts or real conversations.

To show you how to train your ear, step-by-step and finally understand real, fast conversations, let me take you on a journey, to show you how simple it can be when you have the right method:

If you want the same freedom that Dominique felt, get the Understand Real American English Course today. You can still get TWO free bonuses:

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And of course, lifetime access to the Understand Real American English Course!

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See you,

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