Job Interview In English: What are your Strengths?

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40. Strengths - WP Preview

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And now let’s answer “What are your strengths?”

Job interviews are stressful enough as it is. When the interview is in English, it just adds to the problem.

When I have to do something stressful for my career, like interview with a potential client, I feel like my French level takes a nosedive feel like I’m much better in “V.O.” and it frustrates me!

Maybe you feel this way too when you go for a job interview in English. You fumble over your words and make long complex sentences. You know that you have excellent qualities, but your way of presenting them is a bit lackluster.

It’s a normal reaction to stress. It happens to everybody. But I’m here to help you!

prepare job interview english

You deserve to have a great career, and English helps you advance. That’s one of my main missions, and why I always say that SBFG TV is the place to boost your English and boost your career.

Today’s video will help you feel confident about another classic job interview question: “What are your greatest strengths?”

Go further and prepare your job interview in English

If you want to explore this topic further, dont miss this article:

How to answer ‘What are your greatest strengths?’”: It has some good advice on mistakes to avoid that you may be making. In fact, Pam’s entire site is full of great articles on preparing interviews. Check it out! 

If youre preparing a job interview, also be sure to watch the SBFG Video “Answering ‘Tell Me About Yourself’”

Take this opportunity to practice your English and get valuable feedback. In the comments below, answer the question: 

What are your strengths?

Remember that thousands of other French-speaking professionals come to SBFG to boost their English and boost their career. Your input may be exactly what someone else needs to build their confidence, speak better English, and feel great about themselves.

Thanks so much for investing in yourself with SBFG.

P.S. If you know a friend who could use a little confidence boost before their big interview in English, please send this to them. You can really make a difference for them.

Have a fantastic week in English,


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