American Summer Fun 3: Why do Americans…

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american supper fun week 3

When you learn a language, you don’t just learn words. You learn a new culture, a new way of thinking, and how to be open to people who do things differently from your own culture. That’s part of the fun!

Today, you’ll learn 4 inside secrets about why Americans do certain things that may seem “strange” to you. I promise, we Americans aren’t strange (not all of us, anyway 😉 but we can do things in ways that make you ask “Why do you do that??”

Here are the answers!

The Basics: How to Answer “How Are You?”

Has this ever happened to you? Someone says “Hey, how are you?” and you tell your life story. “Oh, so-so. I have so much to do, and my son is sick, and I saw the price of gas is going up again, and…..” This is what NOT to say. Here’s how to start the conversation right!

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How to answer "How are you?" in English - Speaking English with Americans

The Secret Meaning of “Let’s Get Together”

Do you know what Americans mean when they say things like “Let’s have get together”? No? Well, it’s a good thing you’re here, because today’s lesson will save you a lot of social embarrassment!

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The secret meaning of "Let's get together" - American culture & small talk

How to Introduce Yourself in English

It should be easy to say 3 lines about yourself. After all, you know yourself better than anyone else. But do you include your age or how many kids you have? Uh-oh. Watch this lesson to learn what we expect to hear in a good, non-embarrassing introduction.

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How to introduce yourself - Business English & Small Talk lessons

The ONE Thing You Must Know About American Job Interviews

In a job interview for an American company or with American recruiters, your answers to certain types of questions are extremely important for your success. Here’s what American recruiters want to hear from you. (Hint: It’s NOT about your skills and education!)

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The One Thing You MUST Know About American Job Interviews - Job Interviews in English

Maybe you work with Americans, or want to do so in the future. Maybe you live in the USA, or just have American friends that you want to understand better. These lessons will help you avoid embarrassment, and feel more confident in your personal and professional life!

My best tip when you meet Americans?

Don’t be afraid to laugh at your mistakes. We’ll laugh with you (not at you!)

We like someone with a good sense of humor. So if you get it wrong, it’s not the end of the world.

Just laugh, say something like “Sorry, I’m still learning American so I make mistakes sometimes. Nobody’s perfect!” We’ll share a smile with you and help you learn!

Next week, you’ll get 4 “How to” lessons to help you understand Americans when they speak fast, answer the phone, and “survive” your next trip to the US.

Sunshine and love from Mississippi,


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