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Confident Conversation Skills Course Offer

Do you want to…

…improve your everyday conversations in English?
…feel more confident speaking English with colleagues and friends?
…stop feeling shy, blocked, and hesitant in small talk?

I want those things for you too!

So I’m happy to announce that my online course American English: Confident Conversation Skills is now open!

This is your chance to learn conversation skills that give you confidence for real-world small talk situations (NOT classroom English!)

American English: Confident Conversation Skills is the only course that teaches you common vocabulary and expressions, conversation strategies of native speakers, US culture, and grammar necessary to express yourself freely in small talk.

You improve your English AND your conversation skills.

You always have ideas (and vocabulary!) to start and continue conversations

…. You feel at ease making conversation, because you know what is expected in small talk situations.

…. We build your confidence step by step. No more feeling like a child in an adult conversation.

….You express your ideas (and your personality) freely and fully, like the intelligent professional that you are.

Curious to know more?
Click to learn how to increase your conversation skills and feel confident in American English

Today, I have a very special offer for you!

American English: Confident Conversation Skills is the new & improved version of the course Successful Small Talk.

To celebrate the updated version of the course, I have a fantastic offer for you:

  • Immediate access to the complete course Successful Small Talk
  • Access to lesson #1 of American English: Confident Conversation Skills next week (and all future lessons as I add them)
  • 2 months of Faster Fluency Conversation Club group conversation speaking practice, as my free gift to you

All of this for 395 euros only 197 euros.

If you want this exceptional limited-time offer, click here to get the course now.
(This offer will disappear on Wednesday November 27th)

See you soon,

PS: You will find all of the details about the course on this page, but If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask me!

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